Tuesday, April 28, 2009

high point, n.c...

Traveling is part of the job for me.  I actually don't mind it.  Sure there are airport delays and due to the economy, flights have been cut so the planes going out are beyond packed.  It tests the patience.  Then there's the lack of a good espresso.  I can deal with airport food, though I'm grateful when I land in a place that can offer a good meal.  
The shortage of a good espresso is a bit of a challenge.

Challenge be damned because the HIGH POINT Furniture Market 
was worth it.  

Plus, it is the home of Krispy Kreme and OH, yes...I did partake.

This was my first time to this Market.  I know.  Believe you me, I have wanted to go for years and I just haven't made time for it.  Some people call me a workaholic.  I call it being happy.  It was totally worth it, though I did feel a few tinges of guilt for not being back at "the farm."

First of all, let's talk about all the wonderful people I met.  SO MANY and not enough room to mention them all.  Everyone from people that run the market, reporters, vendors, buyers, distributors to the people giving out free Ben & Jerry's (I had Chocolate Therapy) were incredibly friendly.  This is one of the reasons I love to travel--I get the opportunity to meet the people that are passionate about design face to face, from the professionals to the DIYers.  
It's a huge thrill for me.

I saw so much good stuff that I don't think I can recount all of it.  It's safe to say, you're going to be seeing a lot of choices in all areas of design & decor.  

The one theme that I kept seeing time and time again: COLOR

No fear of color.  I love that.  They key was using it sparingly and pairing it with classics and neutrals.  It can give your room a bright, happy feel.  I highly recommend it.

Look out for all their new stuff, including their new bedding.

One of THE BEST uses of color along with beautiful styling, incredible attention to detail and an enviable understanding of "theme" was the MITCHELL GOLD + BOB WILLIAMS showroom. 

First of all, the showroom building is gorgeous.  It's like the perfect loft building that is "the right" backdrop for their collection.  When I left, I wanted to just move into the building.  I could have, since they had displayed their brand new bedding collection on all their beautiful beds.  The whole trip through their space was filled with "goose-bump moments" for me.  

Not a false note.

Both Mitchell & Bob were there greeting all their guests in their usual hospitable manor.  Their staff were incredibly knowledgeable and a BIG shout out to Eloise for being so gracious and showing us around.  

Thank you Mitchell, Bob & Eloise.

We can't talk about furniture & design in the 21st Century without bringing up the sustainable and green concept.  It's not just a fad but more about lifestyle.  

The president of the SUSTAINABLE FURNISHINGS COUNCIL, Jeff Hiller, was incredibly passionate about what they do and shared his enthusiasm.  Their website can be very informative and helpful if you're looking for a place to start and make sense of all the info out there. 

Above images from LEATHERCRAFT.

David, the Vice President of Sales & Marketing over at LEATHERCRAFT, not only really knows his product...he KNOWS the furniture industry and has a huge love for it and it's craftspeople. Their commitment to excellence and to their client is evident in everything they do.  Some wonderful stuff and brilliant craftsmanship.  This is the way furniture used to be made. Heirloom pieces.

A VERY BIG "shout out" to:
For making my experience & visit there so smooth and making sure everything was 'just right" for my speaking engagement.

RAY ALLEGREZZA of Furniture Today, for his support and friendship. The man is the real deal.


To LESLIE & CHELSEY (2 HGTV Decorating Editors) that came to hear my speech and I had the pleasure of meeting.  They write the HGTV Design Blog, DESIGN HAPPENS, and you can see all their entries from the High Point market along with a few VLOGS (including yours truly). They have a real passion for design and decor.  Check them out and tell them I said, "Hi."

Last, but certainly not least, TOM ERDMAN.  He and all his peeps back at the ranch, are responsible for getting the angelo:HOME line to market and I am forever grateful for their commitment to the process.  

Thank you!

That's it for now.  I know I'm forgetting & missing a bunch of details, but I am still recovering from the whirlwind of the event and waiting for the Airline to find my luggage.  At least I have an espresso machine in my home.  All is right with the world.

-angelo surmelis 


Samantha said...

So great! I wish I was there. I LOVE the VLOG of you on HGTV's design blog. YOU ARE THE BEST.

I agree about Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams. I love their stuff, just not in my price range. Beautiful though. I am looking forward to your line. Glad to hear you had fun.

Thank you for the update.

Timothy. said...

LOVED the VLOG on HG site. I can never find that blog. Thank you for the recount and free Ben+Jerry's? WOW! That alone would be worth the trip. LOL!

CJ said...

I saw you at the market on several occasions but was too shy to say "hello." I have a, in your words, ginormous crush on you. I kept trying to get the nerve to say "hello" and tell you what a fan I am but I felt so tongue tied. It doesn't help that you;re even better looking in person. Keep up the great work and maybe one of these days I'll say "hello" in person.

Susan said...

Thanks for your take on the experience. I wish I was at your seminar. I watched the HGTV video. Fantastic. I too am a big fan of Mitchell Gold. They have wonderful stuff.

I am SO looking forward to the premiere of your own line. It looks so good, from what I've seen.

Carol said...

How Cool. Wish I was there. The doughnuts and ben & jerry's would definitely do the trick. Also, would have loved to have seen all the new stuff.

Lori Bee said...

Doughnuts be darned, LOL...I want to hear all about the Spencer. Just wondering how long it is~

Jeanette {A Passion for Home} said...

What lovely pieces you featured. I do love the Leathercraft ottoman. I have a thing for "x" design detail and love the legs on it.

Wish I could have seen it all in person. I'm driving to NC next week and hope to stop to do some furniture browsing along the way.

Thanks for feeding my design/decorating soul.

angelo said...

Hi Lori Bee,

The Spencer is 80" Long.

Hope that helps.

kerry said...

Krispy Kreme? Ben & Jerry's? Espresso?

You need all of that and more to get through High Point. It's quite a ride for the senses. I went once.

Thank you for the great info. Will definitely check out Mitchell Gold & Leathercraft.

Marcia said...

All good stuff!

Welcome back Home. Glad to hear you're safe and sound and probably a bit reinvigorated, though you probably don't need to be. Following some of what you do exhausts me. It must be all the caffeine and sugar you consume. I don't know how you do it.

I love the looks from your new line. The header photo is just stunningly beautiful. Can't wait.

Jessica said...

Welcome back. You've been missed. Glad to hear that a the very least you were able to get some "sweets." No espresso though? That's a tough one.

I have always liked Mitchell Gold and think their stuff is only getting better. The Leathercraft ottoman is beautiful. Unfortunately, I can't afford either. Looking forward to your stuff! That, I can afford and it looks great! Enjoy being home. probably not for long though.

Linda said...

I love North & South Carolina. I have had many great memories there. Thank you for sharing.

Barb @ The Everyday Home said...

Angelo - I had soooo planned on going to High point to meet you - but so is life. I am sooo happy you enjoyed my home state of North Carolina. LOL @ Krispy Kreme. I hope they were still hot and gooey or you missed out on the real thing.

High Point is overwhelming! Its been several years since I have gone, so I can only imagine how large its grown. I wish you continued success on your furniture line.

Blessings, Barb

Carin said...

Great stuff.

Sorry I missed you there. I would have loved to have met you.

Deirdre said...

Welcome back. Great info and I too wish I could have been there. Was there a few years ago and if I would have known you were going & speaking I would have come to meet you. Maybe next time.

Looking forward to your new line.

DesignTies said...

Sounds like an action-packed trip!!

I love colour, so good to hear that it's a common theme in the design world at the moment :-)

You need to come to Ottawa and try a Beavertail (or five or ten!!) Beavertails blow Krispy Kremes right out of the water!!

Hope you get your luggage back soon.... with everything still inside, of course!!

Kelly @ DesignTies

James V. said...

That sounds so cool! I've gone to the show in the past and have stopped going in recent years, mostly due to the fact that it seemed a bit out if touch with what's going on in the industry. I wish I knew you were speaking. Sounds like you had a great time. I look forward to meeting you at a show in the future and I am anticipating your new line. Looks very good so far. I think you may me one of those that "gets it."

Annie said...

I echo what James said.

I stopped going years ago. I deal directly with my vendors.
If I knew you were speaking or that I could meet you, well that would have changed the game. LOL! My business partner and I are big fans.

Love the look & price point of your line.
Smart man.

Julie said...

Thank you for coming to NC!
It was a pleasure to meet you. I was one of your adoring fans you stopped to talk to in the hallway.

Come back!

David said...

Your trip sounds like it was fun, minus the luggage situation. I too used to go to the show.

I'm happy to hear that you had a great time. All the best with your new line. It looks great.

Emily said...

Welcome Back! I've missed your blog entries. It all sounds and looks really good. Love Mitchell Gold+Bob Williams. I used to be a regular at the High Point show and gave up about 2 years ago. I went to Vegas this year. I heard you were there as well, but I think I just missed you. Let us know when you're going again and I will make sure to be there. Would love to meet you. Also, congratulations on the new furniture line. It looks fantastic!

Jenn said...

I didn't attend this time around. Are you planning to go back? If yes, when? I'd love to meet you.

Sean said...

Thanks for the info. We missed having you around. It sounds like you had a great time though. I used to go to the HP show all the time. Haven't been in awhile. Maybe it's time to go back for a visit. let us know when you're going back. Best, Sean

leah - moxiethrift on etsy said...

wow. wow. wow. so very sweet. sweetly delightful. yum.

mrsben said...

Hope you have your luggage by now. Glad it was a productive excursion.

(That 'turner round side table' though creative in design; to me wud be a nightmare to dust...grin.)

Lori Bee said...

Thanks for the size on the Spencer...it looks smaller I think, which is actually a huge compliment to your design skills. :)
Can't wait to see more and I hope you got your luggage back~

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