Sunday, April 19, 2009

a sneak peak...

This has been a very long, productive, exhausting, exciting (I can keep throwing adjectives in here, but I'll space you) weekend.  It's still not over.  A BIG "Thank You!" to all the peeps involved in making this happen so seamlessly:

There are appox. 27-30 individual pieces in the angelo:HOME upholstered furniture collection and all have finally been photographed. I lost count after the 500th photo.

This is NOT the professional photography but some iphone & such behind the scenes photos of just a few of the pieces. 

The professional photos will be out and about as the line hits the retail market this summer.

There are many more furniture items and I will share them with you over the next few weeks along with dimension and other product details.  

Think of it as a gradual roll out of the line that I am proud to say will be fully available at:

Additional retailers will carry other pieces and I will give you that info as it becomes available including a special that will be probably be starting end of May, beginning of June.

The line ranges from $249 for a large cocktail ottoman (as big as a coffee table) to $759 for the largest sofa.  Now that is the price delivered to your front door!  Nothing extra.

I wanted to create the type of furniture I have always wanted to own.  
The kind of stuff where I didn't feel I was making any kind of compromises in style & quality because I had no money.  

Growing up in a very blue collar home, stylish furniture wasn't a priority.  Not because my parents didn't have style, they had plenty. They were too busy spending their hard earned money on rent, food & school.  My parents loved all this type of furniture but could never afford it. I did as well but spent many years as a "starving art student" and then "struggling creative" type. This kind of stuff was out of reach.  

My Mom lives in Greece and knows a little bit about what is going on with this line.  I wanted to keep as much of it as I could under wraps. I'll be sending her some stuff without telling her it's mine.  I think all this hard work will be worth that moment when she finds out it's mine and then of course she'll say, "How much do people have to pay for this? I hope it's not too expensive Angelo.  You know I don't like that."  It's all good Mom.  Good times for all.


You have to see this chair in person.  It is truly stunning.  The photographer (Inta) on this shoot, IMKstudio, already claimed it.  It's the perfect chair for a bedroom.  I wanted it to be small scale, yet comfortable so you could use two for an intimate seating area.  
The sloped arms, streamlined yet classic look  (front legs; casters) give this piece a truly modern classic feel.  Inta has incredible & very eclectic tastes from around the world.
Her studio/loft & home are filled with found objects. 
This chair just fits right in with all of it!

Garden green print chair on front caster leg, that one of our 
RMS make-up artists (Valecia) already called "dibs" on.  She's also taking one of the sofas that I will show you at a later date.  It's a chocolate-cocoa base with the above green for piping and throw pillows in above fabric and in solids as well.  GREAT combo.  Her walls are a warm beige, light cocoa.  Valecia, if you add a bit of black to the mix and some great lamps, your living room will be gorgeous.

This is the type of sofa I have always wanted but could never find at the right price or scale.
Living in Chicago, NYC and even small apts & homes in L.A. 
everything I found either felt too big or too expensive for what I was getting. 

This very sleek small-scale studio sofa with pillows.

It's the type of sofa you want at the foot of your bed, an entry way, 
a small living space.  
You can put two of them facing each other (in the center of your living room) with a great Asian inspired, carved wooden bench between them (as a coffee table), a B&W striped dhurrie rug and you are good to go.  Throw in some additional B&W accents (lamp shades, throw pillows, curtains) and you have a very striking room.  
Don't forget to add things from your travels.  
It really gives your room a sense of history and a unique look.  

There is a world of beige out there.  I wanted to introduce a line that felt like it could not only go with all the beige and tan we have all come to rely on, but really give it a bit of a boost and give us a sense of hope.  

Yellow & White always feel so clean, crisp and happy to me.  It's a classic and when you partner in with a great leather club chair or two, you've got an instant winner.  I love that look!
Garden yellow print sofa with pillows.
Honestly, it's just good times.  
Who can feel down sitting on this sofa.

My version of a recliner.  
Very comfy club chair & ottoman.  
I sat in this chair during the photo shoot and didn't want to get up.
It was a very long 3 days, but a blast.  Seriously.  Me and the gang worked a minimum of 12-14 hours each day and I have to tell you, this chair and ottoman was a definite spot to get some "down time."  
The problem was getting back up.  

If I only had a great cup of coffee, a piece of cake & the Sunday paper. Perfection.

A favorite chair that will probably find it's way to my house.  I have always loved houndstooth.  Always.  I think the B&W is just so classic and I will probably be adding that to the collection at some point.  I wanted to really give the proper look a bit of a twist and the yellow just works for me.  Play with it by tossing a B&W damask throw pillow on there for a bit of drama and you just may be good to go.

Unbelievably comfortable, masculine yet very sleek armless with nail head detail along the bottom & my brother was all over this chair.  It's an early Christmas present and it may be a REALLY early Christmas present for me as well.  It looks awesome with the yellows in the collection as well as some other colors that you will be seeing soon.  

Stay tuned.

I love this leg detail and the pattern is so beautiful. 

This is the type of chair you either love or hate.  


This pattern isn't for everyone and that's the beauty of it for me.  

I have always been a fan of very traditional, classic prints and  they are used in conjunction with some modern elements, well...I'm done.  
That's when I really start to geek out.  

This chair (or a pair) with a beautiful, sleek art deco coffee table and a grey flannel/tweed covered sofa would just make it.  

The feminine/masculine combo is a great balance to reach in any room.  

Great, comfy, stylish chair.  What more can I say?  
It will also be available in the B&W vine pattern that you will be seeing soon, very soon.

More comfortable goodness for all.  This fabric is a bit more expensive but it's truly gorgeous.  
You have to see it.

Well, that is your first preview of just some of the items that will be part of angelo:HOME this summer at OVERSTOCK.  Thank you for your unbelievable support throughout this whole journey and for be so curious about it.  I have received many incredible e-mails, notes and so much more from many incredible people.

I'll be showing you more soon...

-angelo surmelis


Jenny @ Anything Pretty said...

Thanks so much for the sneak peek. I love them all but I might have to pick the first and last as my favorites. We just bought a piece for our master bedroom and I am sad that I did not wait until this summer so that I could purchase one of these. We went to a huge furniture store and everything either was not our style or so expensive. So I greatly appreciate your designs and price. I am sure I can find another spot in our house for the first chair. Congrats on the line....they are all beautiful!

Samantha said...


Are you KIDDING ME?! This is incredible. I want it all and I usually am not even a fan of yellow. I definitely want it all because I can afford it. Cannot wait to see the rest. I saw that first chair and almost fell out of my chair. Then the green one, the yellow, the club. It just keeps going. I can't to see the rest of this line.
Thank you for doing this. I am always struggling with price. Beautiful job. You should be so very proud of yourself.

JuJu said...

GORGEOUS! Just gorgeous! Why should I be surprised? I am not. Sign me up Sir. I want 2 of the B&W and I will also take the Couch. For different rooms.

Trina said...

Unbelievable stuff, but Like JuJu said, why am I surprised? I love this look and I am so anxious now to see the rest. The color palette so far is just lovely. Really wonderful work Angelo. I am in the market for a sofa so I can't wait to see some more of those. I love that green print chair.

pcb said...

WOW. Great design and great prices (love that the total is delivered and no tacked on charges). I wish you well and can't wait to get my own.

Patricia said...

Oh My Goodness. Oh MY. Now what am I supposed to do with myself till July? I want that club chair. Actually I will take the sofa and two club chairs please.
Thank you. You are incredible.

Kelly said...

Lovin' it! Congratulations. I am quite excited to see more as well. Put me down for a couple of the nail head chairs and a couple of the yellow & white print armless. The prices are amazing.

Felicia said...

Well, I guess I know what I'm doing this summer. I am redoing my living room with your new furniture. I love what I have seen so far. Once I see the whole line I will makeup my mind as to what i should buy. Thank you for your incredible style and these amazing prices!

Gina said...

Love, Love. Love the green chair. Do you have a sofa that would work with that chair? A solid in either that green or brown? I have a khaki sofa that would work, but I think I am into getting rid of it. I paid a ton for it and not that great. Not very comfortable and it didn't wear well.

CONGRATULATIONS on this line. It is stunningly gorgeous.

Alison said...

Thank you! This line is definitely my style. I want a few pieces and will wait to see the rest. When will it be up on Overstock? July or sooner? When in July?

leah - moxiethrift on etsy said...

congrat - u - freakin - lations!

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! so lovely. i like so many of these pieces and could incorporate many of them into our home.

my offer still stands....i can be a "real normal person's" home to try them out in. no?

Leighton SC said...

WOWZA. Can this be true on the prices?

I'm with Leah. If you need a "test home" I'm yours. But I have to tell you, I can afford a few pieces at these prices so you don't have to do that free test marketing in my home. Love your style so much. You get it!

imjacobsmom said...

Angelo, I love your green sofa, the yellow houndstooth, I am in the process of redecorating my livingroom and this couldn't come at a better time. You could come and help me if you want....Robyn

Debbie said...

Question: Are you making any money on this? How can you and sell it for these prices? This is incredible. I am thrilled because it's right up my alley as far as what I can afford. Thank you. I am a huge fan and only becoming a bigger one.

Susan said...

Honestly so lovely. SO LOVELY. I can only begin to imagine the work that went into this. Congratulations and many thank yous for giving us style at these miraculous prices.

keiley said...

I'm on board. Sign me up baby. I will wait till July for my new living room.

Trev. said...

Be prepared to be HUUUUGE!

You've changed the game. It's Angelo's world. Get out of the way everybody else. Finally the right price for great style from the most amazing guy. I love you.

Eve said...

Well, Well, Well, Mr. Surmelis. Aren't you the clever one. This is just a home run as far as I'm concerned. You have done more than "Gone forth & designed well!"

STEVEN said...

Great blog. Great start to your line. I'm in. Good work Angelo.

Nancy said...

I am not going to sleep till July! I want all of this and you say there's more coming? I can't handle it. I am so frickin' excited to see more pics.

Bree, Dave & family said...

This is like a bit of a miracle. Style and beauty and an amazing price. If I could get you for a steal, then you would rival your furniture line.

Ginelle said...

These are incredible. I can't believe the looks or the prices. That sofa is genius. THANK YOUUUUU for no more beige! There is enough out there and we need this. We SO NEED THIS.

I can't wait to start redoing my living room.

Deanna said...

So much beauty at unbelievable prices. I am all over this. Especially that houndstooth chair and the armless leather. Well, the green flora; print and that first chair s pretty awesome as well. Oh yeah, I'm good with the yellow & white floral as well. OK, I would like the whole line thus far. I actually just bought my parents old house and I am ready to decorate!

Cannot wait to see the rest of the line.

R.S.F. said...

You are killing me here. Please. No more photos of the rest of the line. I can't handle it since I want everything here and I don't have enough room for everything. Stellar stuff. Excellent job! I am in love with these fabrics and the line and shape of the furniture.

KatyKKWils said...

Angelo -- it's all beautiful!! Great job, man. Thank you for bringing stylish, affordable furniture to market. I absolutely love the comment you think your Mom will make. She sounds darling. I have an Italian Mama who would say something very similar! Adorable.

Sandy said...

YOU ROCK! Really. This is exactly what I have been looking for. Congratulations.

Lori Bee said...

HURRRRY summer!
Classic & beautiful with a fun twist...kudos!!!

Taylor said...

Yes, PLEASE hurry. Angelo, can't you make these faster? LOL! Maybe you should just stop doing everything else and focus on this. I need it. Congrats and can't wait to see more.

Studio Gal Shannon said...

Outstanding! Love it.

DesignTies said...

Wow!!! Love the patterns, the colours, the legs, the shapes.... every piece is just fantastic!!! Oh, and the prices aren't bad either!! ;-)

Looking forward to seeing more :-)

Kelly @ DesignTies

mrsben said...

So glad that your line will be available thru Overstock as they do ship to CANADA. Hooray!

Love the attention to detail Angelo; the 'fancy bun foot' (?), matching pattern of the Houndstooth fabric, optional contrast piping, top-stitched channeling, added nail-heads etc. not to mention the selection of styles, textures, colors 'n patterns.

FANTASTIC Angelo, and oh....what a fortunate MOM to have your for her son. SMILES -Brenda-

Stephanie said...

Beyond in love with all of this! Congratulations.

Janice said...

I seriously don't know when you have time to do all this. Are you still going to do the TV thing? Can you do both? How can you possibly? I am exhausted just hearing about your life. BUT, THANK YOU for doing this. It makes my life a dream. It will be dreamier once I get two of those yellow houndstooth chairs.
Sorry for all the questions. My mind is filled with them. I would love to read an in depth interview of how this all works and how you do it. I'm always fascinated by how people become successful and what drives them. It's never what you think.

Kathy said...


I love this stuff. OK, so now I want a yellow & white print couch. Who knew I wanted one of those until I saw that photo. I would partner it with the club chair. Just Gorge. I have beautiful hardwood floor and it would look so beautiful up against them. This is so exciting. Are you still going to be doing TV? What inspires you?

Dale and Tom said...

If it wasn't enough that you have nailed it when it comes to be on TV (the only person my husband watches with me on HG) you have now gone and nailed it with this line! AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL! The look and the prices are incredible and I am all over every piece thus far. Congratulations Angelo. We are huge fans and you have just now made us huge new customers.

Shellie said...

All I can say is WOW!

I am on board this retail venture. I already shop at Overstock and now, I will be spending more money but it is the right price and the perfect style. You have done it so well. You are a fave in our home and wait till my daughter sees these. She just moved into her first place, a condo, and she has been looking for furniture and getting a bit underwhelmed with what she could afford. Angelo, you are a rock star and more around here.

Dianne said...

Fabulous! I already shop with

This couldn't be happening at a more perfect time for us. We are in the process of a major reno. It was cheaper to do that than move. We will need some new things by this August. THANK YOU! Love what I'm seeing so far.

Emily&Tom said...

Is it wrong to love furniture? I love this stuff. That first chair is mine. Tell Inta I will fight for it. Also, I am now in love with the idea of a white and yellow couch. I want yours. So much stuff and you say this isn't all of it? AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Melinda said...

Oh, Oh, OH-VERSTOCK YES! This is fantastic news. The 2 of you together makes perfect sense. I want and need that green, garden chair. Is there a solid sofa that may go with it? Yes, please! I want it all. Those yellow chairs, all of them, are just killing me they are so beautiful. I don't like b&w fabric and that first chair is gorgeous. Love these looks. Congrats.

Visual Vamp said...

Let me add to the best wishes!
When I first saw the photo I thought you had done a book!
So congrats on the very cute and well priced furniture line, and get busy writing a book ha ha.
Much love,

Jennifer said...

I'm with V.V. Bring on the book.

I am charmed by what I've seen and can't wait to see more. I have already scoped out my favorites.

Dee said...

This is an incredible venture. I am already spending money with Overstock and now you have given me beautiful reason to happily spend more. The prices are wonderful. Hold those yellow armless chairs for me.

Tom Erdman said...

So, do you think your peeps want to see the good stuff? I had a lot of fun working with you on this. You really are bringing things up a notch. It's invigorating to work with someone who has a fresh approach. We're going to have to find an easier way to do this. Everything still hurts.

Laura said...

If this ISN'T the "good stuff" then you have a slam dunk on your hands because I'm already torn between what to get from these choices!

No surprise angelo, you've done it again. Congrats.

Jill said...

I'm putting my shopping list together and I want to see more so I can figure out how I'm going to put my living room together. Right now I am looking to get 2 of the yellow & white print chairs. I'd love to partner them with a gray or brown sofa. Is that coming down the pipe line?
Love the looks. Love the prices.

Elle said...

Bring ALL of it! I want all these looks. I couldn't handle more, but I do want to see it. He He. Honestly Angelo, these are just beautiful. You have made fantastic choices for the market. Fun, classic, fresh, joyful and so affordable!

No more TV? Are you now going to be a retail mogul? Remember, even Martha Stewart does TV. Maybe the new step is your own production. Congratulations. You are amazing.

Deb said...

Can you make July come sooner? I want to place my order now! Wonderful stuff here. The fabrics are to die for. This is the type of upholstered items I have been looking for and when I find, it's not exactly the way I want it and it's too much. You are genius.

Carin said...

I'm not sure how I can choose because I think I can make almost any one of these pieces work in my home. I am going with the yellow houndstooth. 2 of those chairs and if you have a solid sofa I will go with that as well. This is all very exciting and much congrats. You must have and probably still are, working yourself to death. Try to find time to relax & enjoy this because it's going to be HUGE! The prices are wonderful and is one of my faves. I'm already on their list. Can't wait. Thank you.

Nia said...

You really don't sleep, do you? There is no way you can and do a TV show, produce/design this stuff, travel as much as you do and find time to blog. I know there isn't time, but you have to write a book. I think you are an amazing man. BTW, hold a few on those b&w chairs for me.

Bobbi said...

Beautiful stuff and I too would like to get a hold of 2 of the armless yellow chairs & 2 of the armless yellow/white floral chairs. I may be getting the armless leather/nail head details as well.

I shop at all the time so this is so perfect. Are all your pieces going to be there? This is so exciting. Congratulations. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Angelo.........worth the wait, so worth the wait. OMG, I love love love them all! Drooling over here, big time.

Congrats-- you sure designed oh so very well!

Lisa said...

Wonderful work Angelo. I know what I'll be buying this summer. already knows me, they will become a bit more familiar with my purchases. LOL!

Congrats indeed.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the preview... I love all of it. I can see a place in my home for a lot of it... now I just need to choose which one to buy first. Keep up the great work!

Wendy said...

I don't mean to be greedy, but I want to see the rest of the line so I can figure out what I'm buying here. I am already drooling over everything but I have to make a decision based on a grouping. I feel I can't do that till I've seen it all. No rush, really. LOL! I love this line already and since I do a lot of shopping at this just makes it all the better. Great choice Angelo! I may have to get a bigger house.

Barbara said... has incredible deals and some really lovely things. This stuff just raised the bar! Thank you for all this beauty and damn you for making my choices so difficult.

Nina said...

Wonderful news and furniture. I knew here was a reason I have been waiting to buy furniture.

Seth said...

You are making me furniture dreams come true. Thank you. I am eagerly awaiting it's arrival.

Ted said...

I love the look of this line, but please don't leave the TV landscape for the furniture world. Do both. I love watching you. I know it's probably a ton of work, but come on now...think of us fans! LOL. No, seriously.

cindy said...

Awesome! and such great prices too! We all can appreciate that!...cant wait to see the cocktail ottoman....Congrats Angelo!

Patina Soul said...

AMAZING!! How in the world do you do it!?! This collection is gorgeous!! Growing up in a low income family myself, I can certainly understand the desire to develop such a wonderful line that everyone can afford. I believe everyone, regardless of income, should have the ability to make a beautiful and comfortable home. You are a blessing to many! Keep up the good work!

Trish said...

This is exactly what I have been looking for and it's at! You are magical. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Janet said...

WOW! How about that?

This is going to be huge just on my purchases alone. LOL. I have tagged almost every piece, but I now have to figure out how to make it all work. I Love this line.

DDK said...

July cannot come fast enough. I love shopping with

Do it all the time and this just ups the ante! Love this stuff. Great work and vision. Awesome prices.

Leslie said...

You have made my day!

Between the look, the price and that I can get it on Overstock, I am giddy!

Thank you.

Stephan said...


Many heartfelt congrats.

Michael said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome!

I'll take one of each :)

Gina said...

I think you nailed it. I want everything I've seen so far.
Can't wait to see the rest.

Jean said...

I now have an idea of what to do with the brown couch I never really liked. If I get 2 of your yellow & white print chairs with the casters, it will work. I have a very similar yellow, just bit paler, as my curtains with white sheers underneath. this is perfect. Love the looks and the prices.

Dina said...

I don't know where to begin. I think I want that print sofa. I never thought I would but the look of it just makes me happy and the price is wonderful. That sofa with 2 of your leather chairs and I may just have started on furnishing my new apt. Excellent job Mr. Surmelis. Will you have coffee tables and accessories? I need those too.

Urban LifeStyle Decor said...

The Garden Green Chair is so fresh +, love it. And the color story of yellow + white is ~ beautiful. Congratulations on the new collection. ~susan

DesignTies said...

I'm in love with what you're sharing, Angelo!! In fact, I WANT one of your slipper chairs!! I hope your line will be available for shipping to Canada!! :-)
Victoria @ DesignTies

Alison said...

This is the best thing I have seen come out in terms of upholstered product in years. Truly inspiring. I love that this seems so totally YOU. Clearly your hands, style and aesthetic are all over it. Thank you for thinking of your customer in terms of style and value. I am very excited and anxious to buy my first Angelo piece of furniture.

Maggie said...

I know it's been said, but you're a genius. You "get it."
Angelo your future is brighter than you can imagine.

LEXI said...

I can't make up my mind. I am head over heels in love with these looks. The houndstooth is genius! Will it be in any other colors?

Theresa M said...

SO COOL! I shop with all the time. This is just excellent. I am getting the Garden Green chair and the Spencer sofa. I think I also may want the club chair, but I do really like that B&W one as well. Hell, I want the whole line so far. I think the greens would go best though in my place. Can't wait to see more.

Donna, The Decorated House said...

Great looking furniture line! You know it all actually looked comfortable! What an idea.

Dee said...

Great looks. Looking forward to this line. It's about time someone figured it out: Style, Value, Comfort, and your name!

Lisa PH said...


Meredith said...

Gorgeous stuff. Can't wait to see more and get it!
Congrats Angelo.

Lorraine said...

This is excellent news. I love and your new line is gorgeous. Thank you for thinking about us and the affordability factor while still making beautiful stuff.

Jean said...

Great looking stuff. Fantastic pricing. Congratulations.

Nancy said...


This is great! Everything.

Marilyn said...


It's almost here. I have my eye on that green, garden chair. I want 2 of them

Anonymous said...

Love the line but just wanted you to clasify to your consumers that the fabrics you have on your chair and couch frames are not "prints" but woven jacquards!! Totally not prints! Give credit where credit is due. Anyone can print designs like that but not many can WEAVE them.

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