Friday, May 8, 2009

episode 306...

Let's just start this by saying, I want an art/craft/workshop room and this year, I believe that will be a reality.  Tim & Cecilia's need for one was really inspiring to me.  When we finished this episode and I looked around at the function that was available for both of them to do what they love, I was personally inspired to create that for myself as well.

Where do I begin with Tim & Cecilia?  They are both so creative, funny, smart, witty, self effacing and Cecilia is one great cook!  Not only does she write articles on food, she is also a multiple published cook book author and one hell of a choc. chip cookie baker!  
Check out her book here: CECILIA  
The two of them together were a pleasure to be around.  We all had fun & laughed a lot. 
It's always amazing to me that any work gets done, especially when we are out of our minds and decide to take on two rooms instead of one--without increasing our time schedule.  Yup, we're pretty much koo-koo for cocoa puffs.  Mmmmmm, breakfast.

Most of the heavy lifting is executed by my incredible team, Jared, Jen, Jason, Edgar & Sebastian.  Edgar & Sebastian joined the team on this episode and it was as if they had always been there with us.  Jason (my lead carpenter on this team) and his already incredible skills were complimented beautifully with the addition of Edgar & Sebastian.

Tim & Cecilia live in this really quaint & eclectic home where every bit of it feels like who they are.  The office/work/TV space was the only part of the house that didn't feel like it was connected to them.  They desperately wanted function and style, but for some reason they were stuck.  Even though they could figure it out in every other part of their home, they were stuck here.  I was happy to help them get a bit "unstuck."

Of course, that didn't happen without a little inspiration from people like you!  
Thank you all:

LISA has a fantastic oversized desk that could handle the scrapbooking work load and provide for storage.  This was a great stylish solution to a room that could easily be cluttered. Awesome job Lisa!

SHANNON just "hit the nail on the head" in terms of storage, storage & more storage!  The cool thing was that she didn't sacrifice her own personal style to accomplish that.

CAREY & PATTI have created the most UBER home theater.  This is like going out to the movies.  We didn't have this kind of time, budget or even space to deal with but we knew we could definitely be inspired by this incredible screening room.


-Paint (VALSPAR), Flooring, Curtain Rods, Building Materials, Beige (art room)Rugs, Ceiling Fan for Screening Room: LOWE'S 
-Quadrant Coffee Table: CRATE & BARREL
-"DREAM" sign located in the built-in wall2wall bookcase: PIER1
-Vika Desk, Sanela Blu Velvet Curtains, Side table lamps for Screening Rm., Rutbo (round) Paper overhead Desk Light, Sebastian art Stools, Alex Drawer Unit on Casters, Billy Bookcases, Besta Enon TV Cabinet, Berby Glass Door (wall) Cabinet, Expedit Bookcase, Helmer Cabinet on Casters, Erik File Cabinet, Kroby Pendant over Craft Desk, Merete Beige Curtains: IKEA
-Henley Dk. Blue Rug, Wall Sconces in Screening Rm: 
-Professional Popcorn Maker: SUR LA TABLE
-Circle-Cutout Desk Chair: WEST ELM
-Side Tables, Sofa & Leather Club Chairs for Screening Rm: 
-Art Work & Movie Posters in Screening Rm: Z-GALLERIE

Thank you all for watching on our new night, Fridays @ 8pm.  Feel free to post pic sof your own rooms to be inspiring to others at: HGTV

go forth & design well!
-angelo surmelis


Carin said...

I WANT BOTH of these rooms! One of my favorite episodes ever. You are so much more than inspirational-you're like the zen budha of design & more. Have a great weekend.

Trev. said...

Wow! this was incredible. Just when I think you can't surprise or inspire me anymore than you already do. Wow!

Steph said...

Loved this. You're just getting better & better. It's like you're on "performance enhancing drugs!" Steroids for creativity? C'mon. Fess up!

Love your work!
BTW, the furniture looks awesome. That header pic is gorgeous.

Lindsey said...

A total favorite.

The Bliss Journey said...

Oh Angelo, I want that art room so bad. The light looks just right for creating. Hope you're having a fab weekend.

Anonymous said...

Every season there are a couple of makeovers that are so perfect for ME that I just want to move in (epi 108 (Andy's kitchen), 110 (pergola), 201 Chip and Melissa's tropical), and 212 (CC and Noel's bedroom). This is the first one of this season that, for me, goes beyond wonderful design to draw me in on a personal, almost intimate, level.



Rattlebridge Farm said...

Angelo, you darling man, thank you so much for your comments about my chocolate cake. I will look forward to seeing your craft room!

Jo said...

OH, I loved this one. LOVED! You are so adorable. You and a plate of chocolate chip cookies was the cutest thing.

Karen said...

Gorgeous rooms last night. That must have been quite the project doing two!

patricia said...

All I can say is WOW! Loved last night's episode.

leah - moxiethrift on etsy said...

i have to say this is one of my favorite rooms ever. i love a wall of shelving. and white to boot. sweet.

Taylor said...

Stunning makeover. The way these two rooms came together was just genius. I don't know how you do what you do week after week.

Leslie said...

I can't believe how you were able to get these 2 rooms out of that one, open, mis-match of a space. I want to be in your head when you figure this stuff out. wow! Just amazing work and you make it seem so effortless. I am a very big fan.

JoyOfDecor said...

I liked your idea of adding art in the in the middle of the book shelves in stead of the shelves. I will definitely use this in future.

Seth said...

Yes, these room are beautiful examples of what the homeowner's needed them to be in terms of function-your work always is, BUT what I always walk away with especially after I take a closer look at your spaces, is how incredibly personal they are. That art/craft room is amazing because of the subtle details. You are not a designer, you are an artist. That can't be taught. We are very passionate followers in our home of your work.

Karly said...

I feel like you should start wearing a cape and top hat. You are a magician.

Anonymous said...

This may be premature, but what are the plans for RMS, Season 4?

Also, off-topic, listed on the HGTV website are the judges for the next season of Design Star. Would your schedule ever allow you to serve as a judge on the program? Would you consider it? I think you'd be a great complement to Vern!!


angelo said...


No plans for me to judge Design Star. I think this Season they have Vern back as well as a pair of new judges (Candice Olson being one of them).

Vern & I competed against each other in a SHOWDOWN competition that will air this summer.

My upholstered furniture line comes out this July and I am currently planning next Season's Line. Also, just signed a deal to design bedroom furniture and that will be hitting the market shortly as well.

We are almost wrapped with Season 3 of RMS and I think after that I will be going onto other TV projects. Will keep you posted.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I am sad to hear that there may not be a Season 4 for RMS. But, am ecstatic that you're going to be expanding your furniture line. I may not have you in my home weekly, BUT will be purchasing from your line once it's available.

Also, I'd like to add that I have so much respect for how you interact with all of the people on 24HR-Design, as well as on RMS. You don't "punk" people or inflict your will upon them. What ever your next TV project will be, I will be there!

Fan for life!!


Anonymous said...

Love the shelving, totally awesome, I want something similar to this. Truly great way of setting you room to enjoy and use.

Bromeliad said...

Nice rooms.

Really like your new header.

Studio Gal Shannon said...

Thanks to you Angelo, Dan, Tim and Cecilia for the fun experience of being part of this episode. I too love the studio space that you designed. Cecilia is very lucky. Good fortune to you.

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