Saturday, May 23, 2009

episode 308

Amy getting her hair & makeup done. I'm stalking her.

First of all, I have received a ton of e-mail and notes asking why the show got moved again. I know it's late and it's not ideal for many of you, but hey...there's TIVO/DVR, right?

So to answer the question: "Why did you guys move again?"

My simple and truthful answer is, "I don't know."

All I can say is that this is the nature of TV.
I realized a long time ago that you do the best job you possibly can with the stuff that you can effect...everything else, just smile and nod.

I have been smiling & nodding a lot lately.
I have also been able to effect change as of late...So, I get to live in both worlds and you know, that's cool by me.

NOW, off to the important stuff...AMY & AL!

OK, you know how I feel about the homeowner's that we have on this show. AWESOME AWESOMENESS is what I feel towards all of them. Let me just say that Amy & Al took that awesome awesomeness to the next level.

Here's the deal, it's just weird to have someone you've never met before (me) come into your home and start saying and doing stuff. You really have to have a lot of faith, trust and a bit of an adventurous spirit to rock n' roll with it. These makeovers happen fast & furious. The traditional amount of time reserved for going over decisions and options isn't there.

You have to be a little fearless to play along.

Amy & Al were fearless and then some. The challenge here was that they already have a gorgeous home. Stunning. They did all the right stuff throughout their home. It feels so much like who they are and how they want to live. Their daughter Miranda's style is also evident in their house. This is a family home. When they got to the Dining Room, their style seemed to just disappear. They wanted a room for family and friends to WANT to be in. A room they could hang out in with a casual quick meal or a big dinner. They key was to just take their already stylish, relaxed and eclectic style that they have everywhere else in their home and bring it on down into the Dining Room.

Amy even made SWEET & SALTY CAKE from the BAKED cookbook (page 67). One of my FAVORITE baking cookbooks. INSANE good. You have to try it...AND she even made her own caramel. That cake did us all in. Heaven.

Also, Al is a spectacular photographer and it was my honor to be able to enlarge his art and really showcase it in this new room.

THANK YOU Amy, Al & Miranda for rocking our world.

The inspirational RMS homeowner's were there, as per usual, to make our creative dreams that much more attainable.

ERIC & STACY had beautiful, glowing colors in their dining room that were incredibly inspiring to Amy & Al.

RICHARD'S buffet gave Amy & Al the notion that storage (which they needed) didn't have to feel big, bulky and stodgy. Richard found a way to have buffet storage that fit his personal style and they wanted to do the same.

DEBBY'S shaded outdoor room was the perfect inspiration to create much needed shade in this very bright room without adding window treatments. Amy & Al wanted to minimize the glare without cover their beautiful windows.


Wall Color: Martha Stewart APPLE BASKET MS118
Ceiling Color: BELGIAN WAFFLE B14-2
-Rug, Outdoor Awning & Materials for Jarod's Bar Cart Build: LOWE'S
-Rectangular Chandelier: RESTORATION HARDWARE
-Dng. Table & Buffet: H.D.BUTTERCUP
-End Chairs: PAMPA
-Bar Stools, Chairs, Dishes, Silverware, Serving Bowels, Chargers: COST PLUS
-Kathy Ireland Scroll Wall Sconces: LAMPS PLUS
-Ring Pillar Holders: POTTERY BARN

OF COURSE, A very big thank you to Jarod for building that gorgeous bar cart for Amy & Al. He outdid himself with his mad skills. Also, Jen, Jason, Edgar & Sebastian made this project seem effortless. Thank you all so much for you dedication to the job at hand!

I had a blast.

Enjoy Your Holiday Weekend Everybody!



Samantha said...

I am not even going to comment on the schedule change or the network.

We will be watching tonight and OMG does this look GORGEOUS!

Enjoy your weekend. Stop working.

Lise said...

It looks so beautiful. I can't wait to watch it. This is my dream dining room and I didn't even know it. Wow.

Seth said...

Watching right now and loving it. These pics are incredible and the fact that this is where you wind up just blows me away! You are definitely a rock star.

Kari said...

How much did I love this episode? A LOT! My God that dining room is a stunner. That table just about killed me. It's so cool. I was a bit concerned about the chandelier at first, but once the table and all the other furniture went into place it was perfect. See, this is where I would chicken out. I would like that chandelier in the store. Get it home and install it, then freak out since it would not look "right" without everything else in place and I would return it without ever moving forward and seeing the bigger picture. You not only see the bigger picture, you make it easy and inspiring for me to see it as well. THANK YOU for all that you teach me.

Tracey said...

WoW! I love this dining room. One of my favorite rooms.

Melissa Miller said...

LOVED the results!
I watched the show.

The candle sconces and photo gallery are so spectacular.

You are really very talented Angelo! :)

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