Saturday, May 30, 2009

episode 309...




Katy & Justin are just about the coolest!

They were excited, involved, nervous, apprehensive and incredibly trusting. The process was so much fun because I could just see where they wanted to go but they weren't completely sure what that meant for them. They had fantastic ideas and a definite style choice the challenge was trying to make all that flow together in a bit of an awkward layout and outdated features, like the existing fireplace.

The home is great and it was also once owned by Justin's mom. It's a very tight knit family and Katy & Justin have 2 adorable kids that also have a ton of toys and stuff. The ultimate goal here was to create a traditional space that didn't feel too stuffy, but also had a bit of an adult feel while still being able to be kid friendly. Also, they wanted it to feel young and modern without being "hip" and "of the moment." Both Katy & Justin wanted their living room to feel timeless and fresh.

COLOR was key here. Creating a neutral backdrop was the biggest element that helped introduce everything else. The pops of color, the different textures and materials and the mix of traditional & contemporary furnishings and accessories. When you have a mostly neutral palette as your foundation, you can pretty much layer anything onto that and make it work.

(COLOR): Martha Stewart Loose Powder in flat finish
ALL built-ins, molding & fireplace surrounds in pure white semi-gloss finish

I really felt that in order for this room to take shape and feel like it was rooted in some history we needed to address the outdated fireplace and give it a more updated traditional look and really carry that around the room with the built-ins and the molding detail. Once all that went in, it set the tone for everything else.

SCALE of furniture was incredibly important since we needed to maximize seating without having the room feel crowded. I know there's a tendency to place furniture up against a wall. It seems to make sense and in some instances it really does. In this case, the goal was to make a somewhat awkward layout feel more inclusive and inviting. By moving the seating area away from the walls and more into the center, it becomes a place that draws you in right as you enter the door while still utilizing the two focal point--The Fireplace & TV.

VALANCE over the outdated sliding glass door was a simple (eventually) way to follow the design theme all the way around and disguise the unsightly, yet very functional doors. Due to our budget and time restraints we couldn't change out the doors for something more appropriate. The Valance made sense on two counts and even if Katy & Justin change the doors in the future, the valance is still a great way to tell the style story in this room.


-BOB & GAYLE not only had the type of built-ins that Katy & Justin envied they were also an incredible inspiration in terms of "can do" spirit. Bob & Gayle took their design vision and made it happen themselves. Great job!

-MIKE & NANCY found ways to use Katy's favorite color (red) in accessories and small touches throughout their room s it would add to the design of their space and not overpower it. Way to go.

-CATHY was able to frame her giant widows with just enough fabric that is softened the room but it didn't obstruct the view or light. Katy & Justin wanted to capture that feeling and have the option to draws the curtains closed.


-ALL molding, fireplace materials, paint, hall ceiling entry light, hanging light over fireplace, wallpaper, curtains & hardware: LOWE'S
-2 Ankara Side Chairs & Feather Mirror above Mantle: CRATE & BARREL
-Victoria Hagan Montgomery Side Tables & Modular Storage Ottoman/Coffee Table: TARGET
-Hemnes Side Table in White, Branas Baskets, Salong Red Vases on coffee table, Frame: IKEA
-Table Lamps: MORTISE & TENON

Thanks to RUTH, JARED, DANNY, RUPERT & RON for making this room come together. The work that went into those built-ins was insane & a special thanks to RUPERT for just being a mathematical and carpentry genius! Also, RUTH & JARED spent many a frustrating hour making my silly valance idea come together. THANK YOU!

We had a great time as per usual on this episode AND Justin's family owns a BBQ restaurant in the San Fernando Valley (I don't remember the name so if you're reading this Katy & Justin give the info) and they fed us VERY WELL! Great food.

Thank you for watching,


Shelia said...

Hi Angelo! The room looks incredible! How wonderful to be able to do this for folks and make them so happy!
Come to Texas!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

leah - moxiethrift on etsy said...

continue to be head over heels for a wall of shelves or cubes. siiiiigh... love your thoughts on this one.

Cindy! said...

Gorgeous. I love this makeover. All those wood, trim details are incredible. You are too good.

Trev. said...

You're beautiful genius.

Naz said...

Great episode and it was obvious how much the couple enjoyed what the outcome was. Beautifully done Angelo.

mrsben said...

Love the addition of the new architectural elements and, better still that they are actually functional. :)

A $10,000.00 expenditure, worth every penny. Beautiful Angelo!

Samantha said...

All the built ins are just perfect. but how that fireplace transformed is pretty much brilliant. WOW! I loved this color palette as well. So soothing and just the right balance of everything. Wonderful job. I am constantly inspired by you. The conversation with Katy in Lowe's about the light fixture was a perfect insight on the way a great designer's mind works!

Gina said...

Just beautiful. I love those chairs. When you decided to layout the room in a different way by moving the furniture into the canter I didn't see where you were going exactly, but I understood what you were saying. I have learned to just trust and wait for the result. Well, the result was incredible. You do amazing, transforming work. I am a fan for life! LOVE YOU.

Unknown said...

I loved this makeover. I am usually not a fan of the oriental style rugs but this one really work in the room and I love the yellow on the walls. I picked up the Domino book last night and finished it today, now I have to go back through it with my post-its. Thanks for the suggestion.

Debra said...

An absolute favorite! Last night's episode was just right on target for me. I just watched it on the DVR. Sorry, but the new time slot is a bit too late and it is Saturday night after all. HA!

Anyway, I LOVED the light conversation you had with Katy. I wish you would show more of those types of conversations with you. I really love the way you think and speak about design. Your very faithful fan, Deb

James said...

I am more of a modern kind of guy. I grew up in a very traditional home and have a bit of an aversion to the look. I have to say Angelo, you are always able to make me feel like a can be comfortable with any style. Your explanations, reasons, aesthetic, execution and not to mention your charm, make me a believer.

Michael said...

I absolutely love all the molding detail and the cornice. Another phenomenal job!!!

thandie said...

love your style.

Unknown said...

Angelo, thank you so much for posting this information, it's invaluable to me! Your show is my absolute favorite, my husband and I watch every episode. To have all your resources here is EXACTLY what we look for as soon as the episode ends!!! Thank you, hope you keep doing this!!


Anonymous said...

OK, I am addicted to your blog now, and I **HAD** 87 design blogs already!

I love that you detail all the sources. I had my eye on MS Loose Powder for a ceiling, and you showed me it's perfect. It's hard sometimes unless you see it in an application.

Your enthusiasm is what fuels RMS and this blog.

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