Wednesday, May 20, 2009

good night...

Off to sleep.

Baxter awaits.



LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Have a sweet dream darling...hope you get a good rest!

Unknown said...

note on episode 307. Totally fabulous! I LOVE the fact that you use everyday "normal" stores like target, west elm, and Lowes. I shop there all the time for clients and my colleagues give me such a hard time about it. They say it is the fast food of the design world! Ha! Im going to show them your blog! Your AWESOME!!

angelo said...

Thank You AB HI.

I do find it odd that other designers and even clients some times, thumb their nose at places like Target, West Elm, Lowe's, etc.

Great design is great design and if you believe you can only find it by spending a lot of money or only shopping at boutiques and stores that have a certain pedigree, then you're really not very creative or understand good design. The perfect union is in "the mix." Don't limit yourself.

Sometimes, the right choice in a "fast food" establishment makes the perfect side dish!

-Stay creative,

Lise said...

You are so adorable. NOW, Get some rest young man! You need to recharge your creative battery.

Debra said...

I agree Lise.

BTW, I am loving these new video posts. It's about as close as I will ever get to your world or you and I like it. You inspire me so much every day. Between watching you on TLC (am) and then HG with "24 Hour Design" and RMS I am always getting my "Angelo Fix!"

Not only a great designer, but you really listen and touch people in a way that most designer & decorators don't. Thank you for being real.

Anonymous said...

Tired but can't sleep? That truly sucks. Would you consider having your doctor prescribe a low dosage of a sleeping pill?

I was treated for insomnia last year and it really helped. My doctor was wonderfully supportive and went through 'resetting' my internal clock over several months. Now, I'm off the meds and get sleep like a 'normal' person!

*stepping off of her soapbox*

Michael said...

Hope you get a chance to rest up over the long weekend!

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