Friday, May 22, 2009

new lofts...

photos: MKDunn

This is where I would like my offices to be: DALY LOFTS

I am smitten with these spaces, but there is no info on their web site.  
This kind of stuff drives me bonkers.  
Seriously now.  

This means I have to call.
I'm not a fan of the phone.   
No disrespect to Mr. Bell or Mr. Gray.

I think it's an awesome invention, just don't like getting stuck on it.

I could always e-mail.  I do enjoy the e-mail.  Done.  Thank you.



Jeanette {A Passion for Home} said...

And what a lovely loft it is. I'm the same vs. phone. That is how I like to operate when it comes to business.

Good luck in seeking loft space. Just think, an opportunity to design & decorate!!

Kyle said...

Oh YES! YES! I can Soooo see you there. How could you only use that as an office? I would want to live there. Keep us posted.

Karen said...

Nice. I want to know more.

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