Wednesday, May 27, 2009

racing for treats...

One of Baxter's favorite things is racing around to catch treats.

It's a daily ritual when I come home. It's fun for me too.



Anonymous said...

Go, Baxter!!

Red said...


My cats do that whenever I bring them rabbit-fur mice. One of my cats has a bad eye, so her perception's off - I always feel bad when she crashes into the wall!

Leslie said...

Adorable. You two make a good team. Are those your dining room chairs? I love them. I want to see more of your home. I've seen pics and it looks amazing. I have a small house too and am always confused about what to do with it in terms of furniture. You inspire me more than you know.

Gina said...

He is so cute. I want to see more of your house too! This room (dining?) looks beautiful I love the color on the walls, floors, chair and that side table.

Unknown said...

Baxter looks like he's got a lot of energy. What fun!!

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