Thursday, May 14, 2009

voice-over day...

A regular morning doing voice-overs for RMS.
An abbreviated version of the morning.

Look for the VERY, SUPER glamorous laminated sign with my name on it in the parking lot. It's on velcro. This is totally Hollywood baby!

Sorry for the "shaky" camera.
I was carrying stuff & doing to much at once.

You also get a glimpse of my really incredible
Supervising Producer, Kim.
She keeps everything on the show going and makes sure
it all runs as smoothly as possible.
She's camera shy, but so cute!


Samantha said...

Love it! Thank you for these.

JuJu said...

Thank you for taking into part of your world that isn't on "TV." You look great!

Karen JS said...

How cool. I love the laminated name plate. Just perfect and indeed "so Hollywood." Transient-that's Hollywood.

Outside The Lines said...

I loved seeing of piece of your crazy schedule. Great to see you Angelo!

Kat said...

Thanks for sharing these, I do love the name plate! And you, doing too much? Never lol. Kathy

Naz said...

This was fun. I enjoyed the inside view of your world.
What music was playing because I really enjoyed it?

angelo said...

Thanks all for your great comments.

NAZ, the music is from the "music library" on the FLIP camera editing program. They have a few different choices on their program and that one is called "City of Angels."


Leslie said...

You have time to make video now? You're killing me with your multi tasking. I'm assuming you're single with no kids. There is no way you can do this and have a relationship and children! Poor Baxter. He must never see you.

I am a huge fan of your work.

kyle said...

This is so awesome! I haven't used that word in years, but watching you on your show has brought it back for me. You rock!

Richard said...

Thank you so much for posting these video blogs. It is so cool to be able to see your whole work/thought process for your show and your life. You ROCK!!

TL said...

Just watched all these. Thank you for these behind the scene peeks into your life. I'm sure it's just the tip of the ice berg as they say. You are an interesting and fascinating guy and it is now accident that you are successful. More to come, I'm sure of it.

Bromeliad said...

Fun to see behind the scenes.

I bet people make you swear not to put them on the blog.

Michelle @ Sweet Something Design said...

I would just like to walk in your shoes...just for a little while! FUN! I've been a fan for a long the videos.

Michael said...

A glimpse in your day-to-day much more exciting than the world of automotive! Thanks for sharing!

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