Tuesday, June 30, 2009

boston '09...

after much cannoli damage was done...

...and at Fenway.
photos: iphone/angelo:HOME

I had an amazing time in Boston!

I was there on business (I will report on that at a later date) and of course I had to squeeze in some pleasure in the form of Fenway Park and a Red Sox game that our hosts (Alex & Chuck) were too kind to get us tkts for, as well as some much loved and devoured cannoli.
In a single hour Tom (my upholstered furniture business partner) and I tried cannoli from MODERN, MIKE'S & MARIA'S.

Everyone has a favorite and a very definite point of view.

ALL of them were delicious. Slightly different, yet all pretty good for different reasons.
I suggest you do your own taste test.
It's worth it!
There are apparently no calories involved when eating for "judging" purposes.
So, eat and judge.
I think that Mike's edged out the others (for me) just by a smidge.

Though I must say, that I would take any one of them as the perfect way
to end an authentic Italian meal.
Plus, you can't beat the neighborhood. It's pure joy.

THANK YOU Boston (Alex, Chuck & Will) for an incredible time!!! Love that city.



DL said...

It's official. You're my dream guy! So sexy.

Julian said...

This looks like way too much fun. Do you ever need a traveling assistant? You probably already have one and they are lucky!

Samantha said...

Oh that looked tasty! I want your life.

STK said...

You really should find a way to combine your love of food and design into one show. It's crazy how much you love food and how damn sexy you are!

Jeannine | The Small and Chic Home said...

Mike's is the best. There's something about fighting your way through the crowd of tourists that makes it a little better. :)

I'm heading home on Friday and I can't wait! Landing at Logan makes me giddy.

Tom Erdman said...

I agree, Mikes had flakier pastry. By the way, I weigh 400 pounds now.

angelo said...

AWESOME! I too weigh 400 pounds. I hope we're not on the same flight to Seattle.

Gabe said...

Yes, I too prefer Mike's. All good though, but I'm a Mike's guy as well. We grew up with them. I really love that city. I live in New York now and I wouldn't move back, but I always get nostalgic when I go to visit. Angelo, you are definitely an East Coast kind of guy and I mean that in the best possible way. New York suits you my friend. We'd be happy to have you in our fair city!

Trey said...

That cannoli looked so good and you looked great eating it. WOW!

Michelle said...

Lucky cannoli.

Em. said...

This looks like way too much fun!

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