Thursday, June 11, 2009

dentist & design...

Check out HGTV's Design Blog, DESIGN HAPPENS and say "hello" to Leslie Judson.
She is one of really cool bloggers on there. Leslie and the other bloggers on the site are incredibly passionate about all things design and her latest entry is about my furniture line.

How cool is that? Total surprise. No prodding from me. Honest.

Just a couple of pictures and photos to get things rolling.
The full line with pics, prices and links to retailers will be posted on my blog in a few weeks.

Anyway, lots of stuff to share with you soon..

Today was filled with an uncomfortable dental visit and lots of glorious work stuff.

Photos of my chairs on the DESIGN HAPPENS blog and of
the whole angelo:HOME line by: IMK



leah - moxiethrift on etsy said...

ah yes, the deadener. fun stuff that is.

ok...going to go shuffle over to the site now.

*shuffles feet....shuffling...*

skipping back....

love it! great post of admiration and respect! and affordable too. really. exciting stuff A...exciting stuff.

Lise said...

OH, I hate that procedure. Awful. SO sorry. You see to be taking it in stride though. Saw the Design Happens blog and a couple of your prices and prices. WOW! This is good stuff. Good stuff indeed.

Trevor said...

Sorry about the mouth scenario. Not fun. Had it done last year and still felt it listening to you talk about it.

Love the furniture though. Love. Many congrats and thank you for being the most kick-ass designer out there.

Samantha said...

I have a great dentist, but I don't enjoy going there. No matter how good they are, the whole dentistry thing is just not fun. No fault of their own, it's just the whole idea of working on someone's mouth and the procedures. NOT FUN!

Your new furniture though makes me happy. So I will focus on that! Woo-Hoo!

TD said...

Awful about your mount (though you look do cute!) BUT VERY cool about your furniture line. LOVE those chairs. Way to go.

Patty said...

Sorry about the dentist thing. Makes my mouth hurt thinking about it. I saw Leslie's blog and even Tweeted about it (for the few people that follow me lol) I showed the chairs to my husband and we could not believe the prices. Fabulous! He wants that one in your header pic and I love them both! Truly awesome. Can't wait to see the whole line!

Lori said...

No matter what kind of dentist you have it always is just plain uncomfortable. Sorry to hear that but on an up note, you look great and so does your furniture! Yippeee. LOL! Love the line and can't wait to start shopping.

DTL said...


Lisa M said...

SO cute.

I love you house.

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