Sunday, June 7, 2009

episode 310...

Kat (camera), Katie (producer), Jared (you know him, you love him) Tom (camera) & Jeremy (location scout).
Just a few of the peeps that "make the magic."

Kerri & Dana were unbelievably incredible to be around and work with AND that Dana's Mom made THE MOST incredible cupcakes for us! NO, TRULY! THE BEST I have ever tasted.

She made red velvet (they will make you weep they are so good) and carrot cake. Now, here's my feeling about carrot cake. I like it. It's cake for goodness sake and cake is one of my favorite food groups and words. CAKE. It just sounds good. A great compact word to describe a sometimes complex and nuanced creation. Now when going after a cake or cupcake choice, carrot is not my "go to" selection. I will go after vanilla, chocolate, red velvet and many, many others before I entertain carrot. THESE carrot cupcakes were so good that I would consider them first before my "go to" flavors. I KNOW! Crazy talk.

THANK YOU KERRI, DANA & your beautiful FAMILY for truly being incredible people to be around. We are truly blessed to have known you and be in your home. You treated us like family and we having nothing but fond memories of the experience.

Kerri & Dana already had their style and needs down. They knocked down a wall to open up their room during the kitchen remodel and they made all the right choices for this design aesthetic when they put that renovation into play.

They got a little stuck once they were finished with the kitchen. It was less about the fact they didn't know what they wanted and more about them being challenged by the layout of the living & dining space.

It's a long and narrow room and the ultimate goal was to create a place where the living area felt stylish and contemporary but at the same time was THE place to gather for major TV viewing and lounging. AND a dining area that looked interesting enough for their guest to want to be. It had to be stylish but not stuffy. Comfortable but not sloppy. Contemporary but not cold & sparse.

The major problem: TOO SMALL A SPACE!
The solution: UTILIZE EVERY INCH & don't forget SCALE/FUNCTION

Having a room that feels a bit tight become one that has multi functionality start with some good old fashioned planning and even more importantly, understanding what you CAN'T do.

This is so important. Knowing what ISN'T possible in terms of furniture selection and layout will help you identify how you can best solve your design dilemma. In the living area of Kerri & Dana's long great room, we were dealing with a small and narrow area and maximizing seating was really about finding the right scale pieces. A sectional not only gave them some seating potential, it also helped to square off the room and make it appear a bit larger. The key was to find one that wasn't too big & bulky. Ours had a low profile and wrapped around just enough, but not too much, to give the illusion of a more expanded space. The addition of the red leather chairs not only added to the need for seating but the leather (along with the micro fiber sectional) is easy to take care of when there are kids and lots of sports fans passing around chips, salsa and hot dogs. The red leather was the perfect way to add some color. When you're dealing with a limited space and your furniture scale sometimes has to get smaller, bringing in a jolt of color (especially in a pair like these chairs) can really invigorate the room and give it a grander feel.

The wall to wall built-in here was KEY!

Not only does it take their existing and very large TV and make it fit the room, it also adds to helping the room feel like it's expanding. I wanted to make the space feel less narrow and more squared off. The way the sectional slightly wraps around, the scale of the furniture and the built-in all do that.

The addition of texture, including the wallpaper behind the book shelf/TV build, adds to Kerri & Dana's love of texture but it's also an important element when layering a room. It gives the new living area a coziness that is the perfect counter part to the sleek, clean lines. Those kind of details can take away some of the "coldness" that people associate with a more contemporary style.

Both Kerri & Dana knew their style was contemporary, but it had to have some blending of styles as well. They wanted color, texture and the unexpected. The contemporary styling needed to feel personal and that's the best kind of design...regardless of your style taste.

The new chandelier, dining table, wall panels and table setting combination in the new dining area, was just that for me. Taking a very contemporary light fixture and then partnering it with a more traditional table, eclectic/ethnic wall panels and a mix of dinnerware made the dining room as unique and interesting as the people who live there. Building a bench seat with storage not only made for functional style, but it allowed us to move the table a bit away from the center of the room so that the dining experience felt a bit more casual.

I can't stress this enough when you are designing your own home; YOUR PERSONALITY should shine through in your rooms. The best design is when it looks like no one else could possibly live there, even though you may have used items that are readily available to all. It's all in the mix.

RMS inspirations were everywhere. Here are 3 amazing ones that helped make this transformation come to live:

-BILL incredible wall-to-wall entertainment build was a huge inspiration for Kerri & Dana. Bill was able to create a wonderful and timeless look that didn't feel like it was taking over the room but actually adding to it's beauty. Wonderful job.

-JANELLE & JUSTIN were able to maximize their space with the appropriate scale of furniture. Kerri & Dana were all about that. Janelle & Justin really understood how important it is to combine your style with function and planning. Awesomeness all around.

-JOHN & ANGELA were able to add a cozy feel along with useable space with their storage bench in their dining area. They made a small space stylish and more useable. Excellent work guys. This was something Kerri & Dana thought could work for them.


-ALL building materials, paint, curtain rods, rug: LOWE'S
-Paint/Color: VALSPAR Laura Ashley FOREST 2
-Edison Chandelier, Harrison Stripe Drapes: POTTERY BARN
-Oxford 2-Piece Sectional: CRATE & BARREL
-Malm 6-Drawer Chest, Pjas Baskets, Lack Wall Shelves: IKEA
-Red Leather Chairs, Dinner Ware: COST PLUS World Market
-Dining Table, Chairs, Coffee/End Table storage Cubes, End table Lamps: URBAN HOME
-Wall Art Work/Frames: WEST ELM
-Accessories, Art Work, Additional Lamps: TARGET, HOME GOODS, ANTHROPOLOGIE
-Fabric for bench Cushion: CALICO CORNERS
-Fabrication of bench Cushion: KOHLMAN QUINN

THAK YOU Jen, Jared, Jason, Edgar, Sebastian for your incredible hard work and fun times. Jason and Edgar made building magic with the custom built-in. Not only is it ginormous, it is not attached to the wall so if Kerri & Dana ever more, they can take it with them (it's built in sections) AND Edgar made all the shelving adjustable to suit their changing needs. It sounds easy, but let me tell you-these guys have a very limited ant of time of this show to get these project done. Maybe 5 working days. They have a lot to do and to be able to rock out a build like this with those kind of details, that take more time, along with painting the room, doing electrical, hanging my octopus-like chandelier (THANK YOU Sebastian, I know it was a pain to install), building a storage bench and many other projects that I come up with and still be in a good mood takes more than carpentry talent, it takes a special kind of person and these teams are incredible.

Thank you for watching,


SJ said...

Well, you've proven my point once again. You transcend the genre you're surround by.

Lise said...

Amazing transformation. I loved this episode.

Emily said...

Love the look of this home. Very inspiring!

Gina said...

i am always amazed at what you do. You are a constant form of inspiration for me and my family. Thank you.

Janet said...

lovely, lovely room. but can we talk about the cupcakes for a minute? the last couple of weeks, everywhere I look, especially on-line, i see cupcakes! have they just become ALL THAT recently? or where have i been? i like cake/cupcakes as much as the next person, but now i'm obsessed! bought 3 different cookbooks over the last week & a half. Hadn't baked any tho, till i read your post tonight. Then i was a goner. it's all your fault! ;)

Lori said...

You do realize that I am completely in love with you and your talent. Incredible!

Lazy Mom Leslie said...

Could you please take a field trip already? Why do the rest of us in other parts of the country have to just watch all this unfold on TV? We want you to come to our homes too!

Taylor said...

You are seriously killing me with every episode. Unbelievably talented and you are beyond charming. BTW, your house rocks!

Mary said...

LOVED this makeover!

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