Saturday, June 13, 2009

episode 311

Large Master Bedrooms are great.

Redoing a very large Master Bedroom in a week is a challenge that my team and I were ready to take on but let me just warn you right now, if you are attempting something of this scope in terms of a makeover (pulling up old carpeting, installing all new hand scraped hardwood floors, new tile fireplace surround, a lot of painting, building a custom wall unit, hemming drapes, installing challenging hardware and shopping for new bed, bedding, furniture, TV, rugs, lighting, accessories and so much more) you'd better get yourself a killer team of people that work flawlessly together---OTHERWISE, you're asking for trouble.

My killer team on this episode consisted of JEN, RUTH, JARED, JASON, EDGAR, SEBASTIAN and the AMAZING team from LOWE'S that installed the new hardwood floors. You crazy kids make me so happy I can't tell you. Seriously.

Anita & Michael are definite travelers and they love vibrant colors, their souvenirs from all the places they have visited and have a real passion for an eclectic vibe. Well, as is usually the case when we get called into a situation like this, all their incredible style that they have going on everywhere else in their gorgeous home stopped in the Master Bedroom. They both knew what they wanted and were not afraid to say it. Love that. They also fed us incredible Indian food (Anita's heritage).

Thank you for letting us be a part of your new Bedroom!

We would not be doing the show if it weren't for the SuperAwesome RMS community of people that are inspiring to me every day and help out homeowner's hone in on their vision.

In this episode we had some wonderful inspirations:

-RICKY & JEFF Had the color and vibe that Anita & Michael were after. Even though they knew they didn't have the height and scale going on like Ricky & Jeff did, they knew they could incorporate some similar elements. Kudos to Ricky & Jeff for knowing their style and running with it!

-DAVID & SHONDA Have a great dresser that is a hide-away desk. This is the perfect jumping off point for me to find a unique piece of furniture that does some double-duty for them. Great job David & Shonda.

-KERRY Kerry added some billowy, sheer fabric behind her bed that adds a softness to her room. Anita & Michael want to find a way to do the same. They love the use of fabrics and really are inspired by the job that Kerry has done in her room.


-Wall Colors (VALSPAR paints from LOWE'S):
-Bruce Hickory Hardwood Flooring, Rialto Porcelain Tile for Fireplace Surround, Rugs, Bamboo Mirror over Fireplace: LOWE'S
-Track Rod Window Hardware for behind bed curtains, Frog Rain-Drum Round Accent Table for Seating Area, Sutter Hand Painted Secretary Desk: POTTERY BARN
-Bedside Tables: CISCO HOME
-Bedside lamps, Accessories: HOME GOODS
-Set of Orange Chairs in Seating Area: TARGET
-Bench/Ottoman at Foot of Bed: PAMPA
-NEW Flat Screen TV: COSTCO
-TV Unit, Bookcases, Curtains, Baskets: IKEA

Thank you all for watching. Have a great weekend.


Outside The Lines said...

Wow! So amazing! I love all the sheers. And, the piece over the bed is incredible!

YHBHS said...

nice work!!

Trev. said...

You do beautiful work. Just beautiful. I can't wait to watch this episode. BTW, your home is just what I want mine to look and feel like. I never knew how to put in into words until I saw your pics. WOW. Every room and your outdoor spaces are just perfect. I can't believe you had that vision with the way the house was before.

SKL said...

Man you're good! I just watched the episode. I think that of any other TV designer you are the most versatile while having your hands tied. Between the inspiration rooms, homeowner's and their own sense of what they want, throw in the whole TV thing and everything that comes with that and somehow you make it look as if you're breezing through it all. You were born for this. Excellent work every time, even when it's not my style. You get it. All of it.

mrsben said...

Ohhhhhh dear, I guess 'trouble' is my middle name. :) I wish I cud hire you. :(

From the pics and comments, it appears you and your team did an outstounding job!


Bobbi said...

I'm not even a fan of the color orange and I liked this makeover. First, WOW with that seating area. Architecturally awkward layout and somehow you made it work. Thank you for not putting the TV over the fireplace, not that it's my house but I think that look is a cop-out. Secondly, that bed looks gorgeous. You always rock my world. Well done.

Lisa (aka) French said...

I love orange!! this room turned out divine!! Sure miss you! Things hectic and crazy just trying to get by! (lol) Hugs French;)

DTL said...

WOW! Saw this episode and was, WOW. You are a magician. Love your show.

Bethany said...

Well this is just gorgeous. I watched the episode and was blown away with what you did within that existing layout. I am hugely in love with your work and creative vision. You are a constant inspiration.

Michelle said...

This one looks good! Real good. I think I have to start watching the repeats.

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