Saturday, June 20, 2009

episode 313...

Rupert on the day before reveal installing last minute hardware.
All pics: angelo:HOME/iphone

There is never enough time to do these makeovers. NEVER.

It only gets more nerve-wrecking when we're dealing with Kitchens & Baths. There are too many things that can go awry and if the wrong sink arrives the day before the big reveal, after you've painstakingly chosen one, special ordered it and designed the whole room around it, you can't just run out and get a new sink.

That being said, let me just give a HUUUUGE shout out and thanks to my design coordinator on this episode, RUTH! She had to deal with setting the schedule for construction, making sure that all the hardware, stone, sinks, fabricators, permits and so many other things went smoothly on a very tight shooting & construction schedule. Ruth, thank you for going above and beyond what this project needed. As per usual, your work is always ROCK STAR quality.

ALSO, a BIG 'Thank You" to JARED, DANNY, RUPERT, RON & the LOWE'S team of installers that worked so hard to make all this happen.

Now, onto Brett and Deidre. So incredibly cool these kids were. Not only were they totally easy and fun to work with, they provided an amazingly authentic catered Mexican meal for the team and delicious homemade baked goods by Deidre herself.

Too much deliciousness to be had. I have to start working out people. OK, maybe I won't be working out but at least I can do a little bit more hiking. Just saying.

They both have wonderful style and the tenacity to see a makeover through the whole process. Their new kitchen is evidence of that. They also have two adorable kids and their rooms are so well designed. It's almost as if Brett and Deidre didn't need us. Well, they were stumped in their master bath. They felt that it was more than they could handle and the kitchen remodel did them in.

So, it all had to go. The whole bath had to be ripped out and rebuilding needed to happen to give them a chic, soothing, luxurious yet comfortable master bath that suits their style and more importantly...their lifestyle.
LINDA: Has a great kick of color and a modern fixtures. Brett & Deidre would like to bring some of that to their bathroom with in their own way. Great job Linda!
JIM: Was able to create a spa like feel in his master abth along with beautiful natural and modern elements. This was a huge inspiration for both Brett & Deidre. Gorgeous results Jim!
DARREN & ELISE: Have a tub that is very enviable for Brett & Deidre. It's streamlined and in keeping with their overall style theme. Also, it will help their bath feel a bit more open and spacious. Darren & Elise, very well done!

This was an almost all LOWE'S all the time type of makeover.

All the carrera marble, stone floor tile, bathtub, toilet, new windows, doors, sinks & cabinets, wood, paint, all fixtures & hardware were from LOWE'S

-Mirrors, Wooden Stool, Blue Geometric Stool: WEST ELM
-Ralph Lauren Cotton Robes: MARSHALL'S
-Accessories: TARGET

Thank you all for watching the show and supporting the "Rate My Space" community.



Brillante Interiors said...

Hi Angelo,
What a great bathroom, perfect in every detail...worth the stress!
I have tried to find your show but I guess it is only in Eastern Canada? I could not find it in Vancouver's Showtime.

Roseny Crisp said...

Adorei seu blog!
Muitas idéias é inspirador.

Love your blog!
Many ideas are inspiring.

Unknown said...

Stunning and oh so California. Oh how I miss living in California!
The bathroom is clean, classic and sophisticated. Everyone should start their day like this!

TL said...

Your rooms are stunning and this bathroom is no exception. Your passion, humor and all around personality make your show watcheable when mist of these shows are dull and average.

Smashgirl said...

Just watched this episode, the pictures here don't do this bathroom's gorgeous! My favorite design elements were the walnut panel wall and the tub. The blending of all three inspiration rooms was brillant, loved that blue on the ceiling. I'm not a big fan of marble, but blended with the's so nice. One question, was that the front door before the remodel?

YHBHS said...

what a beautiful bathroom!

leah - moxiethrift on etsy said...

loved it.
the heated towel rack is such a sweet addition. love the tub too.

Julia said...

Incredible makeover. Your work is inspired and so inspiring. BTW, you're looking like the Hotness!

Samantha said...

very enviable bathroom!

Linda said...

This is Linda of the Inspiration room #1...I've been reading your blog for weeks now looking forward to the time that this episode would air. I was looking forward to your individual comments on the inspiration rooms and lo and behold this is the week you do not post them! I'm very, very sad.... Beautiful room though, WOW and thank you using mine as an inspiration room. Dan Coffey was a sweetheart to work with.

angelo said...


Please accept my apologies. I am on the road traveling till next week and currently working from my iPhone and the entery was incomplete. I plan on rectifying the situation within the next few days.

You, along with the other inspirations were truly incredible. In the meantime, people can check out your inspiration pics and links to your listing at:
Under this episode number.

Yes, Dan is pretty darn awesome!

All the best,

Linda said...

Well then I am forced to forgive you :) Although I'm quite jealous of your being in NYC right now. I love the Big Apple! Have a blast.

p.s. I think I share your love of coffee and sweets to a T.

Deb said...


I want this bathroom. Thank you for having great style and being do real.

Jesse. said...

Unbelievable transformation. Yours is the only show I watch, not only for what you do creatively, but for enthusiasm and passion!

Michelle said...

This is one of my favorites. GORGEOUS!

Em. said...


Nani said...

I adore that bathtub! So good to be back on the blogsphere again... still catching up with all my reading :)

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