Tuesday, June 30, 2009

nyc moments...

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Packing on my last day in NYC.
The saddest cab ride for me is the one out of the isle of Manhattan.

Stroll in Central Park.

Snack after park stroll at Bouchon Bakery.

Snack before stroll at The Plaza.


Bryant Park.
The Grill @ Bryant Park
The Bryant Hotel

Dinner right after an awesome meeting with my new agent, Al.

The Times.


Grand Central.

View out of Warner Center.

The BEST burgers.

Before show dinner at Junior's.

Great Show. Amazing how talented these cast members are.

Also, an incredible show with brilliant performances.

The cast of "Next To Normal" signed the Playbill.
They are unbelievably talented.

Midnight snack at Empire Diner.

Incredible NYC sky after thunderstorm.

W. Village resident wondering why we're both up so early.

Mr. Softee.

Views from my super awesome private terrace out of my hotel room.
It was heaven! I want to go back. Very lucky.

Madison Square Park. The first day I arrived.

First snack on first day in NYC at Dean & Deluca in SoHo.



Poetic Painter said...

I love the photos of Central Park...makes me want to go there!

Kathy said...

I spent my first time in New York last year, it certainly WOWed me and my daughter, central park was a fave walk, your photos brought back lovely memories, happy days, Kathy.

Unknown said...

I think the next project should be ' Angelos guide to a rockin NYC experience'... I am trying to talk my hubby into going to NYC for our second honeymoon, and we all know that the way to a mans heart is through his stomach. I could totally get him on board with all that yummy food!

Samantha said...

OK, I think you are a genius designer and NOW I want you to also give tours of NYC along with Angelo's favorite places to eat, snack, drink and hang out!

Trey said...

I love your photos. I can't believe these are with your iphone. You're good. I think it's because you understand lighting.

Patti said...

Your NYC hotel terrace is incredible. I would never want to leave. I would want to throw parties there. LOL! I'm so glad you were able to get away and enjoy your city. It misses you already.

Sarah said...

These photos are just beautiful. I miss New York. You must have had the best time.

Eileen said...

I'm at native New Yorker and often times I think I city for granted but you inspired me to explore the city again with your beautiful photos.

Michelle said...

Such beautiful photos. You're good, but I guess that should be no surprise. A good design eye translates to a good photographer's eye.

Jedihoneypot said...

Gr8 photos! Angelo my friend.. you know how to eat! You must come to Austin, TX so I can take you to some gr8 food here as well! :O)

Kat said...

What great shots of a great city! The cello player - just divine! Looks like you had a wonderful trip, thanks for sharing. Kathy

Samantha said...

You did it all.

Em. said...

You take the best pictures. I can't believe that's with your iphone.

Anonymous said...

The High Line - how fun.

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