Tuesday, June 2, 2009

part II of silliness...

More goofy green screen shooting.

No dancing this time.

My raw passion for "the dance" has to be contained.




leah said...

you seem quite at ease in front of the camera. and that wordvowelsslurmumbojumbo you said? spell it out for me, i would love to use it on my blog.

of course i would give credit where it's due.


Trevor said...

It just keeps getting better. Even without the dancing.

Lise said...

LOL! Excellent work.

Liz said...

This is one of the many reasons I love you!

Restyled Home said...

Wow! You are made for television! I would be fired on the first day if I had to deliver that intro. I get all nervous and stuttery when I have to speak in front of people!

Love your style, by the way!


LT said...

have I mentioned your sex appeal? I think I must. Now hear me out on this. There is the obvious sex appeal of those that seem to always find a camera when they are shirtless or in a bikini and they look good, but then there is the subtle sex appeal of those that don't try hard. Those celebrities don't constantly talk about "how difficult it is to be taken seriously because of their looks." OR, how they really don't work out but just are active or play with their kids a lot and that makes for their sculpted and perfectly tanned bodies. YOU, are THAT celebrity for me. The one that actually down plays how good looking you are by being silly, charming, goofy and incredibly focused on your homeowner's needs. I can see right through that! You can't fool everybody. Nice work though. Cheers.

Sandra said...

Well, I couldn't love these video anymore than i do already.

thandie said...

more please.

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