Friday, July 31, 2009

no coffee today...

For the most part, I tend to be pretty energized even without coffee, but for me it's more about the flavor, aroma and overall experience. Once in a while I can use the jolt if my days are running long and the energy level is waning.

I think today may not be a good day to have anymore of a jolt.

The angelo:HOME collection just went up on OVERSTOCK.

The official launch date was and still is August 10th, but OVERSTOCK decided to let it's customers in on the savings a little early. How COOL is that?!

I just found out about an hour ago. We've all been so excited about this launch but have been really caught in the day to day work of trying to get the line ready, along with; shooting some TV show stuff, plan for the Today Show makeover, build the new angelo:HOME website (that should be up by this weekend) and of course, hang out with the Baxter man. Needless to say, I've been distracted about the actual launch and now it's here and it feels surreal! Incredibly surreal.

I am thrilled and still feel a bit shell shocked. It's cool stuff and I'm not gonna lie to you, a bit nerve-wrecking. Our "kids" are going out in the world and will be on their own.

I, along with the rest of the amazing team (Tom E, Emily, Maggie, Ken, Ed, Lily, Tom H, Jennifer, and so many more) as well as all the incredible people at OVERSTOCK, (Lani, Roger, Andrew, Emily & the whole amazing team over there), who I cannot thank enough for their support during this process and the launch, am incredibly excited to be bringing you this line of stylish, affordable and durable upholstered furniture.

My friend and incredible photographer Inta over IMKstudio who captured every image you see of the furniture and to her very talented sister Gerda who so generously let us use her home to shoot in AND provided an amazing DAY1 of shoot brunch: THANK YOU!

We think you will love it as much as we do.

OVERSTOCK is so committed to their customer's needs and style that we feel so proud to be apart of this amazing team.



samantha said...


I am freaking out and I had nothing to do with it. How are you handling this? Maybe you should switch to wine today instead of coffee to calm your nerves. I KNOW it will do great, but the anticipation will just be too much. Sorry, I'm probably making it worse. Oy. CONGRATS! You deserve all this and MORE! SO talented.

Lane said...

CONGRATULATIONS to you and the whole team! I don't know how you do it Angelo. It always seems like you're in the best of spirits and always laughing. I would be a constant nervous wreck but as Samantha said above, I'm sure I'm not helping calm your nerves by saying that. Ha Ha.

We love you in our home and have watched you for years on TV and to be able to now get an Angelo original is such a thrill. The furniture looks gorgeous. Can't wait.

MT said...

I just have to tell you, your line is GORGEOUS! Just stunningly gorgeous. Your attention to details and the uniqueness of the fabrics along with these prices is just incredible. I have been and continue to be a fan. CONGRATULATIONS and I'm going shopping!

Laura said...

Hey Angelo,
For your nerves: Breathe in and out slow, deep breaths. Make silly faces at yourself in the mirror and quote Monty Pythin movies. Works for me.

For me: Can people get a sample of the fabric? I know you spent $$ on good photos but a color like rust (which I love) can have a lot of variety in it.

Laura said...


angelo said...

Thanks for the advice Laura.

At the moment there aren't fabric samples since these are limited items and selections/fabrics/styles will be updated fairly quickly, but that is definitely something that we can look into for the future as the line grows. There has been talk of that as well as some other things as well.

Keep you all posted.

Have a great weekend,

Kelli said...

This is the perfect union for me. I already am a frequent shopper at AND I am a huge fan of yours! No brainer. Thank you!

Jill said...


It looks amazing.

Anonymous said...

Completely overjoyed for you and your team! I wish you all the success you can stand - and then just a touch more!

I'm in LA for my Summer visit. I made my friends take me to Fosselman's. Peach and White Chocolate Chip. Yummy to the double yum! Thanks for the head's-up! (They still refuse to go to Disney. I'm starting to think there's a Mickey-trauma to blame! lol)

Have a great weekend!


L.R. said...

I bought my first piece of Angelo Home and I will be going back for more. I LOVE your line. I showed my purchase to my sister, the Davis Chair in Yellow and she flipped. I can't wait to get it and we both think the whole line if gorgeous. The shot in the header of your blog is beautiful.

Excellent work.

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage and Junkologie said...

Adoring the new website!!


angelo said...

Thank You Amy. There are still some final design tweaks and we'll be uploading more videos and a section for people to upload photos of their rooms as well as an ask Angelo section. It's been fun to work on and a lot of creative web peeps have been involved. Will make an announcement later when it's all up and running with all the details in place.


The Decorated House said...

Congrats Angleo! The line is looking fabulous. Wishing you much success with the new adventure.
{That yellow, or black, pattern chair is wonderful. How about a nice off-white cream fabric. :) }

angelo said...

Hi Donna,

Thank you.

There's more to come later this fall/winter in other fabric choices. This is just the start. We're planning on being around for a while. LOL!

Have a great weekend,

Shelli said...

I love the idea of you at Overstock. The stuff looks amazing and I want it all. Where's that b and w chair that's on the Today Show web site? Is that coming later? Are you going to be doing accessories. I would just like for you to do my whole room. LOL! I think you have amazing style.

SS said...

Thank you for creating fresh, new yet classic and fun pieces. I just bought your sofa in the rust/orange fabric with the subtle print on it. It's gorgeous looking. I cannot wait to have it in my house. I just wish you were here to autograph the underside of it.

I think your style is impeccable. You are a breath on fresh air. BTW, LOVE your new website. I hope you will add more videos.

Beth M. said...


It all looks fantastic.

Question; I tried to buy a certain item and had a difficult time finding it once I left the page that had all your pieces on there. When I clicked on the yellow & white check chair I could click on a Angelo home page to get me back to all the items. I wanted to get back so I could look at the pale green sofa but it took me to other items. Is that because the sofa is sold out?

I love this line and look forward to more! Bring on the rugs, coffee tables and accessories!

Kyle said...

Love the looks and prices. I will be shopping this weekend. BTW, your new web site is stunning! SO clean and stylish without being too cold. The product page is so cool looking. You and your web people have done an outstanding job. Congrats on all good things!

Patti said...

Excellent work Mr. Surmelis.

I bought the davis chair. Looking forward to displaying it in my living room.

James TY said...

The Davis in leather with nail heads is going to be mine this weekend. Actually I need two of them. Great design.

I really like your new web site. It looks fantastic. The page with all the product is so cool. I think the only thing you need are dimensions on that page, but I love how simple yet warm it feels. Great job. No surprise.

lippi1 said...

I am in love with the Crawford sofa...Something to keep in mind at income tax time...

SSusie said...

I am in love with your crawford sofa as well. The chairs in the collection are also beautiful. You've built a great series of pieces that you can use individually r crate a few different types of groupings. Great job Angelo. The new web site and photography is just great. I want there to be more pages! LOL!

Are you tired yet?

Feeney said...

I'm starting with a few pieces, but I want it all! Great stuff Angelo. You should be proud.

Monica said...

Dear Angelo;

CONGRATULATIONS on your new line of furniture. I am a HUUUUUUGE Fan of yours and am excited that someone has designed furniture that I not only like, but can actually afford! Now, if you could just design fabulous shoes that are also comfortable, then life will be perfect!

Please know that you have used my favorite color, yellow, which I am so excited to see because everything in the stores is brown or beige. Thank you for using color and for being a great inspiration to me and so many others.

Wishing you much success!


Sophia said...

AI m in LOVE with this union of Overstock and YOU!

Just INCREDIBLE. You are seriously a design rock star/God in my book and to be able to get your stuff where I buy things anyway, is like a dream. CANNOT wait for more to come.


How tired are you?! LOL.

Toni said...

Excellent Union! I already did some shopping. More to come. I just have to wait a few more weeks.

JLM said...


Lisa said...

All so exciting! SO exciting.

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