Monday, July 13, 2009

seattle... I come!

I have been to Seattle at least half a dozen times and I love it more each time I go. The whole Pacific Northwest is just pretty groovy. I have never had a bad meal up there or a bad cup of coffee and we all know that you pretty much have me at good coffee & food.

Throw in some beautiful sights, architecture and some great people and well, I'm like the guest that never leaves.

On this trip (about a week), I will be taking with me the ever popular Apple MacBook. My amazing friend Judy, loaned her MacBook to me to see what I thought of it before I bought one. I was all set to just go out and get one this past weekend, and when I mentioned it to her over dinner she insisted that I "test drive" it first.

So, I will try to upload some photos and maybe even some video while I'm there.

The trip is basically all work, but I will definitely squeeze in some the very least I can keep you posted on the coffee & food!

Enjoy your Monday--angelo


Anonymous said...

Hope you have great time in Seattle. Challenge you to come out to Virginia to the poor side of town. Little burg known as Montvale, close to Roanoke. Not fancy, but beautiful country and lots of stuff to see close by. October or May is the best time to come. Mountains are beautiful to see in fall. If you can handle country life, this is where it's at! I have the best guest room around! Love to have you. Just me and my husband now but we love your work and watch you all the time. hugggsssss

DL said...

Have fun in Seattle! When are you coming back to visit us in NYC? I keep hoping to run into you in the street. *sigh*

Red said...


I wish I knew you better - I live here :) Seattle is an awesome town, so long as you don't act like a tourist in it. Spend some time at the waterfront, and then, when you're ready for some fresh veggies, check out Top Banana in Ballard before heading down to check out the Botanical gardens there.

After that, grab an ice cream cone at Molly Moon's in Wallingford and drop back down I-5 for an early evening in. Pour a glass of wine and watch the many people when they're visiting forget to look up. If you've got a vantage point, make use of it...we've got gorgeous, gorgeous skies over the Sound.

Have a GREAT time!

Jo said...

I used to live in Seattle. It's a gorgeous and wonderful city for people that appreciate great coffee, dessert, food and sites. You are going to have a wonderful time. I am in the heart of the Midwest now, nope-not Chicago, though I wish it was Chicago. That is a great city. I'm hoping to be able to transfer there next year and then I think I'll be set. I miss Seattle and I know that you will enjoy the city for all it's charms. Safe travels.

Dave said...

Enjoy yourself. As if you won't already. I love your life!

Rupert said...

I'm an east coast boy whose always wanted to visit Seattle (and maybe even move there). Your nifty photo and words only increase the desire.


Michael said...

Happy Monday, Angelo.

I'm envious! We passed through Seattle on our way to Alaska, but didn't have time to see very much. Would love to go back one day. Have fun!

leah - moxiethrift on etsy said...

i will be a stowaway in your luggage. i hope you don't mind. i will be quiet and only ask for a cup of coffee every now and again.

i want to go to seattle!

mrsben said...

I hope Rain City, Gateway to Alaska, Jet City, Queen City and ..... my fav.'Emerald City', aka Seattle is treating you well.

Don't work too hard and ensure you have some fun. -Brenda-

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