Sunday, August 30, 2009

almost over...

photo: iphone/angelo:HOME

What's the weather like where you're at?

Apparently Summer is coming to an end, but you wouldn't know it in L.A.
Temperatures over 100 doesn't make you think that days of Summer are over.

Well, in the spirit of prolonging Summer, a little bit of sunflowers from Trader Joe's on my all white mantle make me feel like daylight hours will not get shorter.



Kat said...

Beautiful picture. Sunflowers are among my favorites too. I feel your pain about the heat - 67 days over 100 degrees. But hey, we got a cold front this weekend, not supposed to break 97 all week lol. Kathy

Red said...

I saw the sunflowers at TJ's this weekend too and thought, "My, those would be pretty..."

...but still, I took home the lilies and roses ;)

♥ sarah said...

it's getting cool here in indianapolis. 51 this morning brrr

[btw i ♥ you and your style]

Unknown said...

OK, I have the sunflowers from Trader Joe' may I just borrow a small percentage of your design sense & style???

angelo said...

Hi me,

51?! WOW! I forgot about the midwest and the early arrival of Fall sometimes. From Illinois here and it brings back memories.

Thanks for liking my style!


angelo said...


You can borrow all you like. I'm sharing it with the world!


Tab. said...

OK, so how come when I take pictures of my food, outings, around the house and of my dog with my iPhone they look like pictures I took with my iPhone and yours look like they can be in a coffee table book?

You're killing me.

Love your style.

mrsben said...

Oh it is beginning to already feel like Fall here in the great White North; in fact if you had
blinked you probably missed Summer. Ours was verrrrry short!

I had to look up Trader Joe's as never heard of them. Lov-i-lee Sunflowers Mr. Surmelis. Most appropriate for them to sale them. Their seeds high in nutrients, their oil low in saturated fats and best edible when in the bud stage (winks)..... but best of all they do bring a smile. Excellent for the psyique. What more could you ask for. Thanks for sharing them.

Jillian said...


Summer is still heating up here on the East Coast as well. Heard you were in NYC. Can't wait for you to come back. You're welcome anytime. Enjoy what's left of your Summer. Did you get a break this year?

Mrs B said...

love the idea of an all white mantle, so clean and refreshing and the perfect canvas for those beautiful sunflowers. it's been in the high 60s here (near the University of Notre Dame) and even though fall is coming, our local farmer's market had some equally beautiful sunflowers this weekend, now i know what to do with them. btw, keep the mantle ideas coming, i used your holiday tips last year to hang ornaments from the ceiling above my mantle and it was a huge hit, thanks!!!

TL said...


Kari said...

So beautiful. I usually don't buy sunflowers, but this looks gorgeous.

Callie Grayson said...

I love the same flowers bunched together. Such an impact.
Sun Flowers are such glorious flowers!!

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