Thursday, August 13, 2009

bang, kaboom, kaplink...


My new web site crashed today, on a few several occasions, since it seems that over 5 million people tried to log onto it. What? Wow.

It has been moved to 3 different servers and it looks like the tech peeps (THANK YOU) have figured it out for now.

It should be all better soon. It's being given the equivalent of a me having a constant espresso drip. Good Times!

On a brighter note, I am leaving for NYC tomorrow morning (FRI, Aug 14th) for a week to shoot the NBC/Today Show makeover. The winner has been picked and it should be a lot of fun. Will get details to you when I get back or you can look for daily updates, my culinary adventures in pic form and other randomness on TWITTER.

See you all soon!


Deena said...

I must have been one of those that added to the "crash." Sorry. I saw your beautiful face on AOL and I saw all the links and I couldn't help myself. I LOVE your new line. LOVE! I have to wait till I move into my new place next month, but I am ready for your Spencer Sofa in the light, pale green and your Bogart Chair. Congrats on all your success and consider me a new fan!

L. said...

This fantastic! OK, maybe not fantastic in the "crashing" way but fantastic in the "how great that you are generating that kind of traffic" way! I would just like to say, "I KNEW IT!" I met you about 7 years ago when you walked in for an audition for another makeover show that will remain unnamed. The minute you walked in, I knew. Sounds corny, but true. You turned the show down to do something else, smart move, and I remember telling on of the other producers-what this guy. We're going to be working for him one day! Since then, I've watched as your career has grown and you have become even more genuine, charming and talented. How that is possible I don't know. CONGRATULATIONS!

BTW, can I have a job? LOL.

Samantha said...

Oh My!

I'm not sure if I should say, "Congratulations" or "I'm sorry."

Either way, have fun in New York. Can't wait to see the Today Show!

Laura Long said...

Yeah I was wondering what happened. Went to my "favorites" list and your site would not come up. Glad it's all good now. Have fun in NYC. BTW, recommended you for a speaking engagement in Great Smoky Mountains area of Tennessee...hope it works out.

mrsben said...

WOW is right! Five million people? Reminds me of the 'FISH' story that an Uncle of mine use to tell me.
SMILES -Brenda-

Gerri said...

How cool!

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