Wednesday, August 12, 2009

getting there...

...or, getting here.

a little video montage of our photo shoot, that seems like it was years ago (as opposed to just a few months) and a big "THANK YOU" to Jaime Derringer whom I met when I was in NYC last. She wrote this awesome article about us in Shelter Pop that came out today.

THANK YOU to all the followers of this blog and those that drop by to read & post, for your incredible, continued support of this line. We've barely been up (less than 2 weeks) and we have sold out of 5 pieces already on OVERSTOCK! WOW. WOWZA.
(Inventory is being replenished as I type this)

You all have been incredible with your show of support and encouragement. We launch the reminder of the line with CSNstores in just a couple of days and already everyone has been e-mailing, twittering and writing great notes of "well wishes" & support. You all rock hard!

I REALLY want to hear from YOU about how you are changing things up in terms of style and design in your own home (or with clients).

I think all of us are being a bit more creative in the way we use and spend out money and our homes are no exception.

How do you make your space(s) your own?

How do you take design chances and what have you learned?

What inspires you?



Stephanie Feldman said...

I have made my space my own by following my heart instead of the rules and what others say, as well as watching great designers such as you and gathering ideas.

Recently repainted to a neutral , but not boring color, a wonderful, perfect latte color...added teal blue sheers, to the windows ceiling to floor for a pop of color and energy , greatly reduced my clutter to calm the space as well, adding back in only what was really needed and bits and pieces of what was wanted. I held a HUGE garage sale and that paid for my new Danish Modern d.r. set , and a few affordable pieces from day I hope to buy a new couch and upholstered chair...hopefully one of yours to go in the mix...but for now just taking baby steps and letting the room(s) guide me , and of course my pocket book. I have gone with a Mid Century, meets Dansk, meets Zen/Asian mix...and have found that in the turmoil that has been ruling my life for the past few months with husbands job loss, risk of loosing our home and many health issues, it has become a real haven.
There is so much more to do , as many rooms are left..but at least I am on the right might need some tweaking, and ghads I wish I had some input where I have hit cross roads of decision in what to add next, but doing the two rooms to the extent that I have on a tiny budget has really made me proud!

Thanks for all the inspiration!

Michelle said...

Since I was laid off a few months ago , I have been looking for work and moving things around. I took all my religious icons that have been in my bedroom and put them around a doorway in the hall- they look so much nicer and you can see the details now. I took a bunch of my framed travel pictures and put them all in on one wall in the entry- it gives a nice welcoming feel to the dark space.

I have dug out old crochet projects - not enough for a throw- but will make some pillows out of them for my bedroom (when I can buy stuffing)

One thing I am planning for now, as I have moved things around is to plan for a new piece of art. A year ago I purchased a piece of art (it is 8 stencils depicting how to tie a tie) and I have it over the couch and love it so much (total cost with my own addition was a little over $100.00) and I talked to the artist about making me a companion piece for another wall and he said yes- he will work with me and my budget. Rather then spending the money on a print- with the cost of framing and all - I will get a custom original painting. So, I am planning on commissioning him by Christmas to get my very own painting. I had never thought about talking to a local artist that you like about making a special piece of art.

I also have 6 pictures of my Grandfather when he was at Taft Army Base in WWII- They are goofy pictures and I have kept them hidden - well since my apt has been cleared of clutter and things I don't love- I am going to get them framed and hang them as a collection - another way to make something custom and special to my apt.

Someday I will buy a condo and be able to customize with paint and better flooring, but in the meantime I am making this my space - personal and just for me.

Kelly @ Much To Do With Nothing said...

Love that pic with all of the furniture! You should be proud. The furniture is amazing. I saw it on Overstock. You have inspired me to use yellow. I love it in your furniture line. We are remodeling our kitchen, and I'm covering my kitchen chairs in a yellow, linen, large print fabric. I think of your line everytime I look at my fabric. I may even make a purchase for the family room ;)
Congrats to you Angelo. You truly deserve this. You've worked so hard.

Bo said...

I think a home is the best test ground for new ideas. I was laid off a few months ago, so I've been trying to think what I want to change. I've decided to paint!

I've fallen in love with grey! I love it with gold, chocolate, yellow or lime. I'm inspired by Angelo's energy/style as well as other designers like Kelly Wearstler. I'm going to be designing a carriage house apartment soon and i can't wait to incorporate some new ideas!

Mel said...

I make a space my own by making a statement that boldly says ME. Something that I fall in love with and then start from that one piece and work out from there.

I have learned that color is not the enemy and that my color doesn't always have to be paint.

Lately I'm inspired by nature and colors and patterns that can be found outside my own back door (or my internet window sometimes). I have been really inspired by you as well. I am a huge Rate My Space junkie and I see you listen to each person so well and find what they really want and need in each room and then add something they love but never thought of.

Mare said...

I love that photo of you with all your furniture! The video was goose-bump inducing and I am SO happy for you. I can only begin to imagine how much work that takes and continues to take. YOU, inspire me, as does nature when it comes to designing my home. I love your joy of design and your authentic personality married with your incredible sense of style. Thank you and CONGRATULATIONS!

Gerri said...

I loved the video. YOU inspire me.

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