Saturday, August 8, 2009

going bold...

...making it work and with NO fear!

Using color in a room, even when you're a bit unsure about how it will or will not work, is all about balance. Even the very specific, yet classic color/look of the Sutton Love Seat (below) can make a room feel complete, colorful, balanced and fresh, when paired with one of your beige or tan sofas, a leather arm chair or even with 2 of my Sutton vine chairs or 2 of the Renu Leather (w/nail heads) DAVIS slipper chairs.

It's all about finding a way to use color in a big, bold gesture and then tempering it with neutrals, earth tones or classics like B&W or rich browns.

If you're already using color in your home--you know what I mean. Tell us your stories. If you're not but want to, it's much easier than you think and if you do it with an accent piece of furniture and accessories, there's no repainting. THAT, is super swell.

The colors you love but fear to use will make sense in your own rooms when they have a color partner to play off of. Also, finding ways to pick up your bold color choice in a few well chosen accessories, like pillows, rugs, dark wood coffee tables and the appropriate lighting (things you may already have) along with tempering it with neutrals and earth tones, can take your color choice to the ultimate level of "WOW design."

You know the feeling when you walk into a room and it looks so appealing yet not at all what you would see anywhere else. Even though you recognize what is happening, the way it's been put together feels incredibly unique. THAT, is what makes us notice. Those are the rooms that keep us coming back to look at in magazines, on design shows and in the homes/places we visit. These are the rooms that inspire us and make us take chances in our own homes.

area rug (above) would be the perfect under foot companion to the Sutton Love Seat with a great wooden coffee table and 2 DAVIS leather chairs with the nail head detail. Add a few throw pillows (options below) and a simple clear vase on the coffee table with fresh cut orange or white tulips and you are on your way...

Move some furniture. Get a fresh perspective of your own space. Add some color in a bold way and watch what you have feel fresher and more unique. The things that transform our lives are somehow connected to bold choices. This applies to the way we decorate. I know you can do this, it's just a matter of experimenting to see how your room(s) become what you envision.

People used to say that interior design/decor followed a lot of what was happening in the world of fashion. Things have changed so much that both are neck & neck in terms of setting trends, but one thing remains very true--analyze your room(s) the way you do your wardrobe.

One well added piece can take an existing look, that you may have grown a bit tired of but couldn't part with, and give it the "WOW."

adding a dark rich coffee table to the Sutton Love Seat (and your new seating area) takes you color choice and gives it a bit of depth. Combining surprising color with classic style and warm browns and woods can make all your design decision feel like they were always mean to be. You can go either way here, more contemporary (like the first coffee table) or a bit more traditional (the 2nd choice).
Both are available at OVERSTOCK

throw pillows & rugs (above):

making color work by repeating it and partnering it with neutrals.
image above:

my Sutton love seat (above), bold yes...BUT, when partnered with a tan/beige sofa you may already have or with 2 of theblack and white vine DAVIS chairs (below)--the warm. rich, bold color choice becomes the right look.

adding 2 of the Renu Leather DAVIS slipper chairs (below) with the Sutton Love Seat can also be a great way to ground all that color. Repeating a few of those corals & browns in throw pillows, rugs and other accessories will start to pull the whole room together.

However you put your rooms together, work with what you already have.
This is not about creating rooms that feel like they have no character, no personal history or that anyone could live in. These rooms are about you. Infuse them with the things you have and love. Let them tell your story and the new additions will only enhance that.

No one should have your STYLE, even if they have your sofa!



Tammi said...

I used to use color without any fear. mostly with paint. I got bit tired of repainting and in the past few years I have been using my backdrop more as a neutral base. I think you talked about this once on a show, hot to use color like an artist, I think it was. Anyway, I have been doing that. It has been a really great aesthetic change for me as well as a new way to approach my rooms when I am looking for an update. I just reupholstered an old family chair in a great coral (similar to your Hepburn love seat) with some whites in it as well. I have a solid coral pillow on it and it's with a camel colored sofa and a leather chair, faux zebra striped rug and a very old yet very favorite coffee table that has been in my family for years. I have refinished it more times than I can remember. I bought one of your cocktail ottomans in the yellow & white floral. It arrived yesterday and I adore it. I still love color, but now I am using it differently. Thank you for your constant inspiration. You are one of my favorites!

mrsben said...

It just not fair that your line isn't available in CANADA (yet).

As said prior; congratulations on the launch of your furniture line and thank you Angelo for sharing your decorating expertise. Super read!

Unknown said...

I dream of decorating with great bold colors but my fear of making a bad choice has kept me in the safe zone. All of the pictures in my "design journal" have navys and plums but I am not sure I am stylish enough to pull them off... or that my rooms are bright enough to handle such deep tones.

Karen said...

This was very helpful. Thank you.

thepurplerose said...

Hi Angelo!!! Just wanted to leave you a quick note and let you know that all of us here in Michigan just adore you and your decorating ideas. You have been tagged with a challenge. Go the to particapte, please!!

angelo said...


I understand the "fear of bad choices." I really do. One of the main things that separates a designer and/or decorator who makes those bold choices with skill and the people that hire them, is that we have taken and continue to, take chances and we get to see first hand what works and what doesn't. Of course there are other factors as well, but taking chances is the first step to knowing how it will work. You can plan, draw on paper and play around with computer mock ups all day long, but nothing can beat the actual hands on approach in a room. "Mistakes" are what get you to the right result for you. The key, is to narrow the margin of error by doing some homework. You can manipulate a dark room by the way you light it and making sure that light is balanced in all four corners of the room in order to have the space illuminated equally. Bring your favorite colors in through pieces that you can play with (rugs, throws, pillows, drapes, art work, accessories, lamp shades, wall decor, etc) and possible return easily if they don;t work out. Use a mostly neutral backdrop, if you want to take less of a risk and bring in one key piece (side chair, ottoman, side table/buffet or love seat) that will give all the neutrals some punch of color and pattern. Make bold choices with conviction (once you've done your homework) and don't fret if it doesn't feel right. THAT'S OK. You can change it. Keep your receipts and live in the home that you dream of.

Happy Decorating. Have fun with it!

angelo said...

the purple rose-

Thank you for the challenge, I am going to have to humbly bow out due to my crazy "TO DO" and "IN BOX"
pile of stuff that seems to be just getting bigger & taller. I have a few business associates that have me on all sorts of deadlines that I am trying to meet.

All the best!

jean said...

Your help, inspiration and constant genuine love for what you do inspires the hell out of me! THANK YOU.

angelo said...

Mrs. Ben,

Thank you for your not of support!

We're working on getting the line up to Canada! I have a lot of friends up there (all over) and as soon as all the red tape and details can be worked out, angelo:HOME will be available in your glorious country.

Have an awesome week.

Patricia Wagner said...

You inspire me and you;re right-what am I afraid of? I moved stuff around this weekend. Some things worked, others didn't but the final result make my living room look better.

Lisa said...

I have been smitten with your personal style for years. Watching it grow on TV and now with this new line, only makes me think I was "onto something." LOL!

I hope that you are enjoying the ride.

Can I ask what's next? Are there plans for expanding the line? New TV ventures? A book? So many questions. I don't mean to pry.

Anonymous said...

I am so very excited....I can't wait for my new Hepburn Pear Green loveseat to come in and I also ordered the the brown/beige/green ottomans. I had the hardest time chosing. I love the Garbo chairs but the Hepburn loveseat just kept calling me. In just 5-10 business days they will arrive. If only I could have you come over and help me redesign my living room and autograph the furniture that would be cool. I am so very happy and proud of you. Seing your dream turn into reality and doing so well is great inspiration to us all. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Congrats on selling out pieces before the August 10th launch day.


angelo said...

Hi Lisa SB,

Thank you so much for the great comment, the support and for purchasing the angelo:HOME product. I can't wait to hear how you use them. Soon there will be a new feature on my new web site where you can upload pics as share your design ideas or ask questions about what may have you stuck. Till then, feel free to upload any photos to the angelo:HOME fan page so we can see how you put the room together, or you can ask any questions you have and once the peeps that manage the page FWD it to me, I would be happy to give you some advice.

Let me know how it all works out.


L&D said...

I am in love with your furniture collection. I bought your Hepburn chair! It arrived today and it was even better than I imagined. I wrote a review on Overstock. Angelo, Thank You! Thank you for making real beautiful, well designed and beautiful to look at furniture. The next step is to order one of your pieces that brings some color into my life. I think I'm going to go with the Hepburn love seat in that beautiful papaya/coral/rust type color. KUDOS to your new venture and may it succeed more than you could have ever imagined.

Anonymous said...

Hi Angelo. Just wanted to give you an update. I received my first shipment yesterday for the hepburn pear green the Brown renu ottomans are suppose to arrive. For the most part it was very easy to set up. The instructions said that the legs were labeled as A-D but they were not labeled, so hopefully I put them on looked fine. The pictures online don't do the loveseat justice....I am so in love with my new furniture piece. I know I am going to love the ottomans...I just wished it came last night. I just ordered the furniture on Sunday 8/9 at 11pm PST time and the first box came in on crazy is that. I will keep you posted.

angelo said...

Hi LiaSB!

SO happy you are pleased with your piece. I'm sorry about the leg confusion. I just sent out a notice to the mfg plant regarding that. Thank you for the "heads up."

The ottomans require absolutely no assembly. The love seats and sofas require some and the chairs very, very little.

I'm thrilled that you think it looks better in person. I feel the same way about the whole line, but it sounds too "proud parent" of me to say it. HA!

Let me know how the ottomans work out.

All the best,

Anonymous said...

Hello Angelo. I got my new ottomans last night...I love them! They are very nice....I can't get over how large they are...the brown one is huge! My mom and I love the detail on it. Our home is small so the two smaller ones are perfect we still need time to ajust to the large brown one. But we are going to rearrange our living room and remove our carpet this weekend. I will let you know how it works out. I will try to put a picture on your facebook fan page which by the way I aready follow you on there. You really have out done yourself...I just am so in love with your furniture pieces. I am telling all my friends about your line and getting them really interested.

angelo said...


I CANNOT tell you how thrilled I am that you are happy with your purchase.

I KNOW, the largest ottoman in the nesting collection is HUGE! I really couldn't be happier that you are pleased with your purchase. THAT has been, an continues to be, my mission create the best style, value, quality and customer service that we can.

Have a great weekend redoing the living room. Sounds like fun.


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