Wednesday, August 5, 2009

mellow yellow...

Not always so mellow.

The power of yellow is pretty phenomenal in a room.
Even in small touches it can take any space and really bring it
into clear, happy, sophisticated, fresh focus!

Great way to add a punch of glorious color in a modern way and it's generous in size without being too bulky.

I love this chair (above). I just got it for my own home. It's my HARLOW at OVERSTOCK and I'm a sucker for houndstooth and in this creamy, bright color--the classics have a whole new twist that can make any room feel refreshed. Partnered with some cool blues, crisp whites of chocolate browns it will make everything feel like it's falling into place. So sweet.

HARLOW in the yellow & white floral (chair above for OVERSTOCK) is truly the definition of "how can you be gloomy of a cheery piece of furniture?"

It's just a happy place to land and a comfortable one as well.
It really does make me happy just looking at it.

I love the color and I love it in all it's incarnations from the eye popping lemon zest to the buttery, creamy version and I think that each hue can help you make a great new statement in any room or style.

When I was putting together angelo:HOME that was one of the things I spoke about with my manufacturing team. They had been producing a lot of beige, tan and brown micro-fiber pieces. I think that neutrals have their place and you will see them in my future collections, but I didn't want to lead with that.

I wanted to bring the idea of hope, optimism and joy to this venture. I believe in the power of space and how it can be transforming in our lives and color is a big part of that. Even if you're a bit color shy, using color in a single piece or a few well chosen and placed accessories it can literally change your mood! Who is going to feel sad sitting on a bright, sunny, comfortable chair or sofa?

Partnering a bold color choice like a yellow, with whites, brown or even blues can set up your home for a fresh and classic look that always feels contemporary without acting like a trend.

BTW, the first piece so sell out in the anglo:HOME collection was one of the colors that most people that knew about the designing/planning of the line were very skeptical about. For lack of a better word: ORANGE.

The chair below just sold out today on OVERSTOCK (more are being ordered and if you're interested you can sign up with your e-mail to be notified of arrival here: Overstock)

The next pieces that are close to selling out? The yellow ones.

BRAVO to those among us that know using color isn't a risk, it's a sure thing.

Find ways to add a little color in your home and if you have examples of how you did or do that already or you've purchased a colorful piece from the angelo:HOME collection and are using it in your home...upload those photos to show off your creative endeavors on my new web site The interactive, upload photos and "ask Angelo" section is coming under "community"--soon. So get your pictures, your stories and your questions ready.

Many thanks to all that have written incredible words of support about this line launch. I am beyond humbled by your encouragement.


all angelo:HOME product photos: IMKstudio


Dumbwit Tellher said...

Congrat's Anthony on selling out of the Harlow in orange. I'm crazy for yellows & oranges now where I never thought I would again after the 70's!
Your doing good kid!

Tom Erdman said...

I just wanted to let Angelo fans know how great this guy is. Angelo and I have been working on this project for almost a year now.
I've been in the furniture business for over 30 years, and his vision is very different than anyone else I've known. While most want to copy last year's best seller, Angelo has the courage to chart his own course.
Oranges and yellows used to be colors only in fruit, not furniture. This vision surprised me at first and now I'm hooked. I feel better just working on this.
And, the furniture industry is taking notice. Thank you my man. This is fun.

Kristin said...

Let me just say I am in LOVE with all of your pieces in this collection and can't wait to start adding them to my home. I did have a question though...the Davis Chair in the yellow and white (armless) is said to be on Overstock but I only see the solid yellow one there. Will this piece be released later on or is it through another company or what? I am wanting to order it for my little reading 'nook in my bedroom. Thanks so much!

angelo said...

Hi Kristin,

Thank you so much.

The yellow & white floral DAVIS chair is going to be available at and starting on AGUST 17th.

There was a typo on the web site and it's being fixed today. Sorry about that.

I hope you enjoy it. A reading nook in a bedroom is just a perfect place for it. I think you're going to love it.


Jen said...

I love yellow and your use of it is genius. Just perfect really. I'm heading to Overstock later today.

Thank you for being you.

Karin said...

Your collection nailed it! Your new web site: GORGEOUSLY simple and fun to look at! LOVE.

Samantha said...

I couldn't agree more with this blog entry. I spent many years fearing color and the use of. I am now a fan of the way it can change a room and my mood. it's all in the execution. Your furniture makes me happy too!

Lisa said...

LOVE these yellows. I am so close to getting the houndstooth. I am debating between that and the yellow & white floral. AAAAAAHHHHHHH! I can't decide. My husband even said. get both and you can make up your mind when you see them and send the other one back." I don't know if I want to do that, but I do love them. Decisions Angelo!

I do KNOW that he wants the BOGART chair when it becomes available on the 17th. Is that going to come in other fabric choices? I love that style. It looks great in the leather, I think we'll use that in the family room, but I could have one in my Master Bedroom as well, but I would prefect it in fabric.

angelo said...

Hi Lisa,

That's a tough call.

I currently have the yellow & white floral HARLOW chair in my living room (it was left over from the product photo shoot) and I love it, but just bought just the yellow and white houndstooth to take it 's place (the floral in going into the "archives" ha!). I have to tell you, they are both great looking, really and they are comfortable. It all depends on what you;re using it with. The color palette is almost identical in both and even though the the floral is "floral" it doesn't look too feminine in the right environment (whit dark woods, leather, some blues, stripes-maybe in a rug or drapes, etc..) As far as the houndstooth goes, I just love that look. Period. This is your call my friend. Sorry for the "no help."

YES, the BOGART will be available in other fabrics later this year...late FALL/early WINTER. It is one heck of a comfortable and stylish chair and I have officially run out of room in my home or it would be in here.


Laura Long said...

Hey Angelo,
Just now I noticed that the feed for your site's plug-in ads (below the Habitat for Humanity logo)are showing furniture competition. That's not cool especially since it will confuse your fans---they may think that is your stuff.


PS Thanks again for the giveaway from Leeza's show. You are a generous, generous man!

Lisa said...

OK, so I am going with the houndstooth. I think you have convinced me and I showed the chairs, long with your blog and web site to my neighbor, she is a big fan of yours and she is getting the floral yellow. We can't wait! I think the houndstooth is exactly right for me and the floral is going to look so beautiful in Amy's home because she has a lot of what you mentioned above, crisp whites, dark woods and here walls are a very pale, cool blue hue.

Thank You!

Patricia Wagner said...

Seriously Gorgeous!

JLM said...

Of course you're selling out! This stuff is not only priced right, it's gorgeous. Can't wait to see what you do next.

Krys72599 said...

It's funny - I've used yellow of some sort in four rooms in two houses, but never dreamed of wearing it! But my niece's wedding was a month ago and while shopping for a dress, she brought in a gown for me try - in buttercup yellow. I made such a face my mother would have told me it was going to freeze that way!
My niece just begged me to try it on anyway.
And I loved it! And I bought it! And I wore it!
Knowing what you like in one place doesn't always translate to another, but in this instance, I'm glad it did!

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