Monday, August 10, 2009

stop it ina...

all photos & incredibly tasty products from: Barefoot Contessa

We all know that we could use a little bit more time in our lives. Just a few more hours in the day to be able to squeeze in the things that we play over in our minds of what we would like to do if we had that time.

For me, it's baking. I have no time to bake and I rarely can make the time. Food takes up almost as much space in my head as all things design do, sometimes my two obsessions battle it for the top spot.

Well, Ina Garten (you KNOW my love for her!) has these mixes that just need to stop. They are too good and the closest thing to baking from scratch, that every time I use one and there are left overs (rarely), I have to produce the tossed out box to prove to my friends that "I didn't make this."

It's good stuff and it needs to stop. For a bit. Just until I can regain my focus onto all the work that I have in front of me. I'm sticking to just the coffee--but it's not the same without one of those "outrageous brownies!"

Why Ina, WHY?!



Lisa said...

Yup, her mixes are quite tasty. I agree. I am going to have to do some more furniture moving to work off some of those brownies.

Bo said...

Love her. I wish I was her neighbor!!

Jillian said...

I couldn't agree. more. How can I concentrate when I now am taken over by the need to bake?! AND, I don;t even know how to turn on my oven.

TRICIA @boutellefamilyzoo said...

So funny! I have tried only a couple of her mixes, but they were yummy!

Celine said...

I too am an INA lover! Her show and her attitude are fantastic. I have not tried any of her mixes. I didn't even know they existed. THANK YOU!

I'm off to get some.

Love your shows.

alice said...

I'm with you! I have a cupboard full of her mixes. I work at a kitchen store (nice discount) and we seriously sell more of her mixes than any other one item in the store. Her mixes truly taste as good as her recipes.
We havn't goten the brownie puddng mix yet, but I can't wait to try it!

mrsben said...

Usually bake 'from scratch', but will see if I can track down some of these mixes. May have to scout them out on my next shopping excursion to the U.S. -Brenda-

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