Saturday, September 19, 2009


Maybe it was just the lack of sleep (appox 4 hours over the span of 3 days) but being on the Today Show felt like an "out of body" experience.

Natalie Morales was incredible and everybody there was so cool.
Marc (the Today Show executive producer) and Amanda (my one armed, pregnant super-hero producer) were the best. Amanda's right right is in a cast and she's 7 mos. pregnant, yet she was there every day making sure it all happen.

I had a blast and looking forward to going back next month.

If you missed the segment, you can catch it here: NBC Today Show

Hope you're all enjoying the weekend. It's gorgeous in NYC!



Michelle @ Sweet Something Design said...

Angelo! The segment was great and you did a terrific job on such a tight budget!! I can't wait to see the office reveal in Oct.! P.S. Loved what you were wearing on the Today show! ;) You looked great!

samantha said...

You are AWESOME! Of course Natalie wants you to come back. Of course you're back on the Today Show. You deserve all your success!

Anonymous said...

You were amazing! I'm looking forward to your return next month.

Have to ask, did you mention, off-camera, the correct pronunciation of your last name?

Also, thanks for incorporating Ikea into your plan. It seems they are looked down upon when I read comments on different sites/blogs (ie. Apartment Therapy). I think it's great when people incorporate the old with the new for their own personal look.

Again, greatly enjoyed your appearance and your makeover!


Anonymous said...

Oh, glad to see a real-world adjustment to the price. It's frustrating when on Design on a Dime, they meet the budget, but have incorporated a bench (or whatever) made from some wood they just happened to have laying around in their work shed. I don't have a work shed. Or wood. Or tools. Or skills needed to build a piece of furniture from scratch. But I do have an extra $40+.

Thanks again for "keeping it real."


Taylor said...

The makeover was beautiful and you were incredible! So comfortable and funny, charming, informative. You are a pro!

Kelly @ Much To Do With Nothing said...

I saw the show and loved the makeover! Good going, stopping at the yard sale in Queens on the way over. I thought that was cool.

Lisa H. said...

LOVED IT! The makeover, your appearance, YOU! Way to go on scoring this gig. You are a perfect fit and natalie Morales wants you to do her office, HOW COOL is that?!

Loved when you called her "Morales!" You are too damn cute. Keep up the great work. You're my inspiration.

Laura said...

I know you will do a great job on Natalie's office and I plan to watch to get tips on organizing my own workspace. Steamlining some clutter in advance!

Diana said...

OMG you were so smooth, charming & cool on The Today Show. You owned it. LOVED the room. Thank you for showing what is possible on a budget and for your tips. I am always inspired by your work.

Jill said...

The room turned out beautifully. The stripes are a great idea. I wish that you would do something like this across the country. All of us don't live in LA or NY. Angelo, WE NEED YOU in the midwest too!!!

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