Thursday, October 8, 2009

thank you mr. penn...

Irving Penn passed away this week.

Some articles worth reading and his images, always worth looking at.



Laura Long said...

What a beautiful man and legacy.

Anonymous said...

From the LA Times article:

"Penn was a purist who mistrusted perfect beauty, which brought an engaging tension to his fashion photographs as well as his still lifes and portraits."

I see the lack of 'perfect beauty' interpreted in your design. You have a lived in, comfortable, cozy aesthetic that provides a 'tension' with your use of lush, sometimes opulent pieces/styles.

I hope this makes sense. I have a VERY limited 'design' vocabulary!


PS Hope you're feeling better! Didn't you first solid food meal taste even better than it should have? :)

angelo said...


That's a great quote from him and one of the nay reasons his work was such a standout.

Yes, the first non-mushy meal was pretty incredible! Thank you.

Have a great weekend,

Visual Vamp said...

Loved him. Loved his work.
Thanks fro remembering...
xo xo

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