Friday, November 20, 2009

good stuff...

Yesterday I received a care package from Susan Inglis from the Sustainable Furniture Council.

Tom Erdman (my upholstered furniture mfg) and angelo:HOME are members of SFC and we have had the pleasure of Susan and her team working with us to make our companies and products as sustainable as possible, within our business model.

Susan met with us when we went to High Point last month and yesterday she sent a box that included some very tasty things from


You can read more about Susan and what she and her organization do so beautifully HERE and you can check out 3 CUPS if you're up for some delicious wine, coffee and/or tea--AND who isn't up for that?!

Thank you Susan.


1 comment:

mrsben said...

To quote Robert Mondavi. "Drink what you like and like what you drink". Bottom-ups and enjoy Angelo. -Brenda-

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