Saturday, November 21, 2009

can't stop...

Off to New York for some great work related stuff. Will fill you all in when I can "spill" the details.

In the meantime I have started a living room project--MINE.

It just makes sense, doesn't it?

Last year, right before the Holidays, I decided to take on a kitchen remodel and this year just wasn't feeling the same without throwing another iron in the fire. Thankfully, it's not nearly as big a makeover. I am not taking the room down to the studs and floor boards. I will post after details once it's done. I am leaving in the middle of the project and since I have decided to do all the work myself, the makeover will have to wait till I get back. I'll be back the night before Thanksgiving and will spend the Holiday at a friend's house with family & friends. The living project will resume the day after "The Big Feast." I'll probably need to work off some calories.

Since the home front test-lab experiment continues, I'm in the market for some architectural details. Some of the current things in the room are staying, others are being repurposed and some stuff is being donated.

This is a never ending journey and going to a salvage yard only fuels my desire to continue with the mad experiment that is my home.

Silverlake Salvage in Los Angeles is one of my favorites. Check out some of finds:

above photos: iPhone/angelo:HOME

How are you spending Thanksgiving? Are you cooking? Hosting? What are you making or looking forward to having? This is the beginning of my favorite time of year. GOOD STUFF!

I hope it's filled with everything that makes you feel happy & swell.



Anonymous said...

first of all.. i'm loving the treasures in your photos of the salvage yard! the old windows and doors, not to mention the columns, make me crazy to get my hubby retired from the Air Force, so we can settle down!

for Thanksgiving, i'll be cooking. :D have a cousin and her partner in for the week.. so should be a fun few days of girl time!!

have a wonderful & safe trip to NY!! many blessings,

Lise said...

Enjoy New York. I know you will and I can't wait to hear what the reason for the trip is all about.

I am cooking the whole meal this year. First time ever and I am excited and a nervous wreck! Wish me luck. The pictures from the Salvage yard are gorgeous and I'm looking forward to seeing your living room results. Of course they'll be beautiful, it's YOU!


DesignTies said...

I LOVE salvage yards!! There's a yard that I like to visit, but I haven't been there in a while. Seeing your photos has me wanting to make a visit very soon!!! So many wonderful things :-)
Victoria @ DesigTies

leah said...

i want to live in that salvage store! are you kidding me? just seeing pictures makes my wheels start turning with ideas and wishes...i can't imagine if i was right there able to oggle and touch and get giddy time after time.

happy new york travels to you.

i am looking forward to grazing. all day. i like most all foods so a constant, slow, steady feeding all through the day, only interupted by large quantities of food, is perfect.

and i will win the clay pigeon shooting contest in the afternoon. and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Beth said...

Ooh, that chandelier is awesome!

I love Architectural Artifacts and Salvage One in Chicago. And I love even more that they rent out their spaces for weddings and such. Some friends had their wedding and reception at AA this summer.

OK, I want to shop now!

Anonymous said...

I am turning green with envy that you have access to a salvage store! I would spend days looking around there! Excited to watch as this newest room of yours evolves! LOVE your blog...

Maria said...

Gorgeous place! I bet it's just a gold mine of hidden cool stuff at that Salvage yard. I hope you're having a wonderful time in New York. We are having family and friends over for Thanksgiving and can't wait to celebrate with everyone. Enjoy your Holiday!

Anonymous said...

Are you hosting a cookie party this year and, if so, may I invite myself? :)

Have a great time in New York!


DKL said...

Oh yes...cookie party! Is there one this year? Will you be in NYC? Are you having a great time?

angelo said...

Hi cookie party lovers!

Jury is still out about cookie party this year due to my traveling work schedule. Hope to get something together and in light of the big cookie party productions of the past couple of years and possible last minute plans due to travel, it would be a small family & close friends affair if it happens.

Even if there's not a gathering, there will definitely be cookies no matter where I'm at.


mrsben said...

Oh what eye-candy. Love Salvage Yards!

We in the Great White North celebrated our Thanksgiving on October 12th . I like to think 'our' Pilgrims were quite clever in that way as it eliminated all risk of having to eat "frozen Turkey"...grin.


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