Monday, November 2, 2009

start up...

As always, there is so much information along with visual stimulation at places like the High Point furniture market, that trying to put it all into concise sound-bites can often feel a bit forced and artificial.
When I was there I was drawn to the BOURGEOISIE 3D show room.
Believe me, the web site is nice, but DOES NOT do the craftsmanship, design, quality or the very inspiring personal story of Emily Bourgeios and her family justice. It's a small start up family business and Emily's talent along with her passion & conviction for what she and her family do was evident in every piece of furniture in the small, yet very thoughtful showroom.
It was styled beautifully by her friend NEAL JOHNSON, who like Emily, not only had a great eye for detail and style, but was truly inspirational. Visit the web sites. Drop them a line. If you're so inspired--let them know they're on the right path.
It takes a certain amount of courage, risk and just plain hard work to start something.
My hat is literally off to them!


Unknown said...

I just want to jump in and second Angelo's comments. The love of what they're doing is evident in every piece. This isn't just furniture to them, it's a commitment to their vision. I don't see this often in the furniture industry and it catches me a little off guard when I do. All you have to do is look in their eyes and you know it's real. Thanks for reminding us Angelo.

Kelly said...

Very nice :-) Looks like they have a bit of something for just about everyone. I love the doghouse :-) And the Ponzella Table. The base is awesome!!


Lise said...

I love the dining table on the site. Thank you for sharing the spotlight with so many others!

leah - moxiethrift on etsy said...

the round island! wow. that is one beautiful piece. wow. love it.

and all. the. lamps. at neals. love. the displays. and the photography and the coloring. yeah. me likes.

TK said...

Fantastic! Thank you for the info.

Ewa & James Powell said...

Hello Angelo- greetings from Charlotte!

It's great to see the beautiful work from Emily and Neal acknowledged here- thanks!

Emily and Neal both live and work in Charlotte and they are some of our very best customers! Please visit Charlotte during your next visit to NC. You will be pleasantly sureprised to find design and dining alive and well in the Queen City.

We look forward to your visit one day!

Ewa + James
Modern Fabrics Company
Reclaimed & Discounted Designer Interior Textiles

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