Monday, December 7, 2009


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...sometimes, NOT so simple.

This year, the goal was to keep Holiday decorating minimal since I am traveling more than I am home.

Well, my idea of creating a "simple" garland became an all day project that wasn't so much a difficult thing to do as it was time consuming. The result was worth it, but if I knew that I would be spending a good part of my day on the project, I might have rethought it.

If you're up for taking it on or better yet, you have a few people willing to pitch in then here's a breakdown of how it happens:

Using string with a wire insert and then attaching inexpensive ornaments, leaves and pine cones in either a random order or specific pattern you can begin to form the look of the garland you're seeking to achieve. Plan the colors/textures you're going to use first. Since you're making this you can create whatever look you want. Tie ornaments and other decorative pieces you may be using onto the string/wire with either ribbon, wire, string or ornament hooks (which is what I used). Once you're finished you can drape over a large mirror, doorway, window, string along a banister, or on your mantle. I ran a string of white lights through it once it was done and hung on the fireplace.

Now that the Holiday decorating is done...I'm off for my Midwest tour of duty (Minneapolis, Wisconsin, Indiana, Chicago). Work related shenanigans and then back home sometime during the week of the 14th. I hear there's snow and ice in my immediate future!



Anonymous said...

beautiful. love the silver & white.. an man after my own heart! :) just wish i could get into the spirit to want to put up my tree. usually up the day after thanksgiving.. but just can't seem to motivate myself this year..

safe travels!!

mrsben said...

Very festive Angelo and simplicity at its best! I'm wondering what does Mr. Baxter think of it all? If he is anything like my Ms. Molly; as an observer bet 'he has it down to a science' and can give 'one on one instructions how to do it'. :)

Many thanks for the inspiration.


Beautiful!! I've always LOVED simple and understated Christmas decor... as it seems to the eye of most. It's a TRUE labor of LOVE, and a GREAT feeling to be in the "zone"... esp. when the end results are this exquisite.

Be safe and have FUN on your next gig!

angelo said...


Baxter has absolutely gotten used to my projects around the house. He takes them in with nonchalant interest but has definitely gotten them down to a science and could probably teach a class at the learning annex, if he didn't think what I do as pedestrian. He's a bit of a snob, except for when I cook. He seems to change his tune to a less disapproving one when I'm in the kitchen.

I bet he an Molly would have much to talk about. Hope you an your family are enjoying the Holiday Season!


Susan said...

Gorgeous! Well worth your time. Are you up to coming to my place next? I am in Chicago, you'll be in the 'hood. LOL! Safe travels.

Kelly @ Much To Do With Nothing said...

OMGosh! This is gorgeous! Thanks for this wonderful idea!

Lise said...

I LOVE THIS! So simply stunning. Yes, it looks deceptively simple but I will tell you that I tried to make something similar a couple of Christmases ago and well, it was a HUGE labor intensive process and when people saw it they thought it was "just the easiest thing to make." I am truly appreciating all the work that went into this. Well done.

Trina said...

OMG! SO beautiful. Come to my house. I need help. Ha. Ha. Ho.

TLK said...


DesignTies said...

Your mantel looks fantastic!! Well worth the time it took, I think :-) My mantel is pretty simple -- a string of white lights, a couple of strands of white tinsel, 5 stocking holders, and a lot of silver & glass pieces for sparkle :-)


Anonymous said...

Very helpful, thank you!

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