Tuesday, December 8, 2009

this was simple...

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After my time consuming "let's make garland everyone" project, this was the simplest way to add a bit of Holiday color to my living room without much expense or effort. A bunch of red tulips from the flower mart in a clear vase up against my newly painted white living rooms wall. A little bit of red always goes a long way. The smell of cookies baking also help with the Holiday mood. Yes, I will ALWAYS find a way to work in a baked goods reference.

What are your simple Holiday decorating ideas that make for a big bang without too much trouble or expense?



somewhereinthyme said...

Angelo, you always crack me up with the baked goods comment. You must be a cookie-a-holic.
Love the tulips.
Also, I always use bunches of fresh tree trimmings (you can get them free most places) they add beauty and the fragrance is awesome.

Trina said...

I love tulips and cookies! LOL. Love you love of baked goods. That stand is gorgeous. Where did you get it? Also, I'm usually not a fan of drapes or is it curtains? But those are really beautiful. I could get into those. Where are they from? Happy Holidays! Trina

NYCLQ said...

I like to gather any (or all) of my glass contianers and fill them with mixtures of mercury or colored glass balls. To off set the shine, a handfull of pine cones goes a long way, and brings a natural element into a space. Simple tealights in some re-usable frosted glass candle holders (a la glade) and wah-lah: simple elegance for the holidays!

Anonymous said...

beautiful and simple.. and i can smell those cookies from here!! need my address?? lol ;)
candles & clippings from berry shrubs are great way to sprinkle the holiday mood. :D

TLK said...

Beautiful photo and idea. I also LOVE your homemade garland. My easy decor tip? Candles. It's amazing how just a simple bunch of lit white candles on a table top or mantle instantly give a room a festive feel.
LOVE your blog. I have tow of your chairs, the Harlow in the mange, and I adore them. Thank you for the constant inspiration, humor, and abundant charm.

Marci said...

My DIY simple Holiday idea is that we frame last years Christmas cards in inexpensive all white frames and place them on the mantle. Saw it done in a magazine once and thought it was a great way to recycle old cards. I love the way your home looks. Gorgeous. That garland you made was worth every minute you spent on it.

Susan said...

We string our cards like garland and hang them over doorways and arches.

leah said...

along with bowls of bulbs on our kitchen table, we also have a bowl of oranges and a bowl of grapefruits! decorations you can eat? Yes please!

oh, and frebreze two scents in one plug in thingys. D to the Vine.

Jennifer said...

Unfortunately, nothing we do during the Holidays is simple. LOL! I love the garland and the tulips are just gorgeous. Safe travels and Happy Holidays!

mrsben said...

Love your idea Angelo! Very eye appealing not to mention their beautiful fragrance.

As I have always taken the wrapping of Holiday Parcels seriously, I consider them as part of the decor.

Recalling the days when the gift list included all nieces 'n nephews, parents, grandparents, aunts 'n uncles etc. there were times I resorted to using homemade paper and inexpensive methods. ie: For a Traditional appeal, I used plain White Shelf paper (purchased in a roll) and decorated with gold or silver 'Web' Spray Paint and perhaps adorned them with a recycled ornament; while a Country theme entailed plain brown Shipping Paper with Raffia, Jute String or even spray-starched strips of fabric for ribbon with a tie-on from Mother Nature.

Like you and cookies, I think now I am even more addicted to Wrapping (and I don't mean that stuff some people call music...smiles). Yes, even stocking-stuffers get done! Thank goodness 'they' don't contain any calories!

Ho, ho, ho -Brenda-

(P.S: Hopefully I didn't ramble on too much.)

angelo said...

Hi Trina-

To answer your question, the metal stand was a thrift store find and the drapes were made from fabric I bought at Calico Corners.

Happy Holidays,

Deanna said...

Love watching your shows and your ideas, passion and enthusiasm always inspire me. I'm off to make some homemade garland. I think the time involved will be worth it.

Happy Holidays!

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