Wednesday, January 20, 2010

behind the scenes...

Just a few behind the scenes from the angelo:HOME photo shoot
this past weekend, with some of the new upholstery furniture pieces rolling out for 2010.

We had some good times putting it all together.

Of course, a GINORMOUS "Thank You" to everyone on that day that made it so much fun;
Tom, Tracey, Inta, Gedra, Christos, Ruth & Ed! You kids make me look good.

Photo shoot by IMK Studio.



Anonymous said...

FUN! nice when you can do what you love and have such fun while 'working'.. good for you! :)
love the furniture too!

Carin said...

Loooooove the videos! Keep them coming. I want your job. I couldn't do it, but I just want to have that much fun at work. Love your furniture.

Trina said...

Very excited about the new product and really love the videos!

mrsben said...

Thanks for sharing and for my smile of the day. Great team-work!

Samantha said...

looooking goooooood!

Anonymous said...

I've always hated figs...and their leaves!

Have a great weekend!


TL said...

I LOVE you!

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