Thursday, January 21, 2010

inspirational rooms o' the day...

Who doesn't love a little inspiration now and then? It's everywhere.

Todd Alexander Romano is a decorator who's work is definitely worth looking at. All the elements of great decorating are used in classic ways, but if you look closely...there's freshness and some fun going on as well. I'm a big fan of the fun. Rooms that take themselves too seriously are like people that do the same. You never want to hang with them.



leah - moxiethrift on etsy said...

the first one.
the first one!

that's my favorite.
i'd sit in that chair with my strong morning coffee and greet the morning.

mrsben said...

Love his work! Classic, sophisicated yet uncomplicated and definitely FUN!

Could one say he leans towards Transitional Style? -Brenda-

Samantha said...


Anonymous said...

love the traditional, yet modern feel. really lovely. :)

YHBHS said...

always great to find out about new decorators.

any tips for new deocrators in the business?

Carin said...

Gorgeous rooms. LOVE the first one.

angelo said...

David John-

A few tips I have are:

-Make work for yourself all the time, even if it means helping friends and family...AND take before and after pics of all you work. ALL of it. I didn't when I was starting out and now I wish I had.

-Use your own home as a "test lab" to try new ideas out before you use them for clients.

-One of the most powerful things you can do is say, "No." Not every client is right for you. It's a real personal relationship and if it doesn't feel right for either you or the client, it may be best to not work together, no matter how much you may need the job. Trust me.

Hope this helps a little and continue the creativity...

YHBHS said...

angelo, thanks for the words, and encouragement!!

im in the ucla interior architecture program at ucla, and having a blast, and meeting lots of creative people.

all the best,
david john

if you have the time, check out my blog


TL said...

I could live in that 1st room.

abigail said...

I love the first room!

Samantha said...

He has an interesting mix of old, new, serious and fun. I'm with everybody else - the first image really caught my eye.

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