Wednesday, February 10, 2010

the daily tip...

Tasty "evil cookies," daily tip, viewer question & bad jokes.
What more can you possibly ask for? More coffee? Coming right up...


Anonymous said...

today's tip of the day is right up my alley! i am in the planning stages of a friend's kitchen re-do. i have good research and was leaning towards the engineered stone for counter tops. however, while at Lowe's doing the floor plan, i came across a new product called Sensa[granite] have you had any experience with this product yet? would love some feedback! :D
here's the link:

continued blessings -Tracie

angelo said...

Hi Tracie-

Thank you for watching.

I have heard of Sensa Granite. I personally have not used the product but do know of a couple people that have with positive results. I would also encourage you to look at some sustainable choices since you are in the planning stages. Here's a great article with links to some other options as well.

The bottom line is what you ultimately want a product to do for you and your specific needs as well as value. There are so many choices out there right now that it's a buyer's market. Remember, you don't have to sacrifice the look & durability you're looking for. Good luck with the remodel and have fun with it!


susan said...

I am thinking about doing wall paper in a powder room--of course, a small room. Do you recommend using the main color from the wallpaper on the ceiling? I loved Natalie's office. You are excused for wearing her paint :)

angelo said...

Hi Susan!

Thanks for watching and I love that you are thinking about wall paper. So many great ones out there.

I would go one of two ways in terms of color on the ceiling. Yes, either the main color from the wall paper OR the least represented color in the wall paper (if you like it). Bringing out a color that you already have but isn't the main one is a great way to create a bit of interest and make the main color (and the wall paper) that more interesting!

Have fun remodeling!

All the Best,

mrsben said...

Angelo (Tom), browsed your previous postings and 'the kids' are looking real good. LoVe, LOve, loVE the fabrics, particularly the vintage style floral and cardigan cord.

Also...thoroughly enjoy your daily videos and tips.

angelo said...

Thank You Brenda!

It was lots of fun (and work) putting the new stuff together and there's more on the way...woo-hoo!

Hope you're not too snowed in up in the beautiful North.


susan said...

Thanks for the answer! I am having a good time looking at wallpaper!

mrsben said...

I think Washington is getting all our snow Angelo as even though I live in a snow-belt region we have had very little of it ..... so far.
In many of our regions Winter isn't officially over til the end of March.

Though born in December I am really a SUMMER child and very VERY very happy that I don't live in the Artic. :) -Brenda-

Jill said...

I am loving these videos!

Anonymous said...

thanks Angelo!! :D

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