Saturday, February 6, 2010

it's raining...

Black Renu Leather and Cardigan Cord Baxter Chair and Ottoman available at KOHL'S

Also available in Coffee Brown Renu Leather at KOHL'S
above photo images: IMKstudio

Growing up in Chicago and living in NYC after college, I like everyone else in that part of the world, I got used to planning my day around what the weather was like...Do I dress in layers? Bring an umbrella? Shove some gloves and a scarf in my pocket just in case? Well, once I moved to Los Angeles I was a bit baffled to find out that I didn't really have to think about that.

Currently, we have some rain. A nice change. Also, it's Super Bowl weekend. In honor of those two events, I share with you my new Baxter chair in a comfortable cord and in a sleek black or coffee brown Renu (basically recycled) leather.

My favorite thing about this chair is that it's comfortable without being ginormous and bulky in scale. Probably not the chair for you if you're an awesomely large football player, but for me, a mere mortal---very cozy. Add some snacks, some of the grey, cold and rainy L.A. weather and I'm ready!

FYI: Ignore the goofy pic of me standing next/above the chair at the top. I'm using it so you can get a better sense of scale,'s got a bit of the dorkiness factor to it.

Enjoy your weekend.


Anonymous said...

You make me laugh while educating my eye. No, you do not look like a dork, I like the hat, you own it, I also like the chair.
I just wish all you people in LA would stop whining about a little rain, it snowed today in NYC.

angelo said...


David, you're right. A little rain and we don't know what to do in L.A. I grew up in Chicago and lived in NYC so I should know better. I guess I've been living in L.A. too long. I actually miss the snow and hope to move back to NY (or even Chicago) this decade.

Enjoy the snow!

m1 Designs said...

Wish I could say that I missed the snow. Have 3 feet in the back yard since Christmas. I'll grab a soda and plop myself on your chair, feet up, chips in hand. What Dat!!!!

TL said...

We are spoiled in So. Cal. The problem with the rains is that those poor people that were effected by the fires are now facing mud slides. I think that's why it's best we don't have 'weather" here! Ha.

Got off point. What I wanted to say was, I LOVE these chairs and ottoman sets. I will be lounging and snacking on one of them. Not sure which one yet. And, if that's looking dorky, I'll take it (you)!

AJ at OFLBlog said...

Super chairs, Angelo! You are right - not bulky at all but they inspire confidence by looking stable and comfy! Weather - I know all about that, living on a (now) frozen lake in Ontario, Canada. These days, the question is: lots of layers and just some layers and will I get away without wearing a hat today...Cal weather would be nice now but then, winter has its charm too! Loved you latest video post as well, the one about Vegas. oxox AJ

Debi said...

Great chairs. Fantastic picture of you. Bring on the rain.

M said...

Angelo, just had to say three things:
-- Love your Daily Tips; you're very natural with the camera, and great tips of course.
-- Loved this post on the armchairs and esp. the one on the Grand Hotel in Stockholm. Needs to be on my list of European destinations for the near future.
-- Last but not least: You're looking very dapper in your photo here. Great look!
Have a great Sunday.

Anonymous said...

still in love with the Davis chair.. but i do like this one as well. would be perfect for our future game room! :) it's a great scale, for just about any home. great job!!

it's been snowing here.. got about 8 inches... oh how i miss the south!

Molly said...

I love that your line is at Kohl's. It's my favorite place to shop. Will you be doing other items besides furniture? Will it also be available in store and on line? So many questions! HA! Are you available for dinners and long walks on the beach? Ha!

Brittany said...

This chair (in black leather) makes me happy. The price at Kohl's is a slam dunk! Sorry, I should have said, touchdown. It is the Super Bowl after all.

I love your work!

Samantha said...

Great chairs! GREAT picture of you!!!

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