Tuesday, February 9, 2010

neue galerie...

In New York?

You have to visit the Neue Galerie. It's a museum that houses early 20th Century German and Austrian art and design.

The building that houses the museum was designed by the same architects that oversaw The New York Public Library. It was renovated by architect Annabelle Selldorf.

Their curated museum shop is a sight to behold and offers an incredible selection of furniture, tabletop accessories, and works based on original designs.

You can't believe your eyes when walking around this magnificent building.

Plus, they have two cafes that focus on authentic Viennese specialties like fine pastries and coffee.

I'll see you there...


Beth said...

How have I missed that place in past trips?!

All the more reason to plan a trip to New York.

There's an Austrian cafe in Chicago. Years ago, I was dating a German guy and he turned me on to it. (Hey, one good thing came out of that relationship!) I was enchanted to have my coffee served to me on a "silver" oval tray with a glass of water (and a little biscuit cookie), and announced that that was how I wanted my coffee presented from then on.

I found one of the oval trays. Sadly, my coffee is sitting in front of me on my desk, all alone. I must start using the tray. It's just so charming.

m1 Designs said...

Wish I could go visit.

Smashgirl said...

Another reason I need to go to NYC! Putting on my list along with Etsy HQ's...one day.

Jill said...

I'm with beth. How did I miss this place? That's it, I'm planning a trip.

Beth said...

Jill, I'll see you there!

I'm having my coffee off of my silver oval tray this morning, which is not "silver" but actual silver, which I'd forgotten, but which I now remember, because, wow, it's really tarnished!

It's still charming, though!

Rory said...

Well, this is depressing. I LIVE in NY! Why did I not know about this?!

YHBHS said...

thank you! excellent posting!

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