Thursday, February 4, 2010

they're here...

above photo images by IMKstudio
COOPER Sofa in Ocean Blue Stone Twill available at OVERSTOCK
DAVIS chair in Vintage Style Floral available at KOHL'S
COCKTAIL Ottoman in Vintage Style Floral available at KOHL'S

Doing the photo shoot for the new roll out of the upholstered line of angelo:HOME was literally a family reunion of sorts.

Two of my friends from "Rate My Space" were there to help out, Ruth my fun, smart and oh so creative design coordinator and Tracy, a makeup artist who also irons curtains, moves furniture and is just an all around great person to hang with. Not to mention having my spectacular brother, Christos, there to help with the heavy lifting along with my friend and awesome photographer Inta. Gerda, her twin sister and also a close friend, was my uber talented prop master as well as doing general organizing and wrangling of everything and anything we needed. Tom, my trusty manufacturing partner and now great friend did everything that had to be done and he even did it without injuring himself this time---AND of course Ed...My publicist, manager, videographer, furniture mover, best friend, the list goes on and on.

This undertaking couldn't have been accomplished without these people. They make me look good! THANK YOU kids. You make the finished product look easy.

I will share more photography with you in the days and weeks to come.


Unknown said...

I love the floral pattern of the chair, ottoman and pillows. Give the otherwise clean and cool room a softness. I love the color palette, one of my favorites!

AJ at OFLBlog said...

Wow, a floral pattern which is not overpowering and blends with a more muted decor - fantastic! Lets a girl be girly and modern at the same time!

L. Jensen said...

What a gathering. Happy reunion!
LOVE the cocktail ottoman. We put our coffee table away long ago. Not because we didn't like it; rather, we've put to work our ottoman. Multifunctional.

The size, shape, style and upholstery of the angelo:HOME, COCKTAIL Ottoman is nothing short of perfection.

As per usual, well done!


leah - moxiethrift on etsy said...

the ottoman....yes, that. yes, i would go ahead and put the in line with the afternoon rays. and then i would curl up on it and take a nap. just a short little 2o minute nap, but it would be wonderful, on that ottoman.

Debi said...

OH, I want that look. The room, colors and the whole package. Are the accessories also from your line? Gorgeous looks.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work. I especially admire the size of the ottoman, as already pointed out, it is dual purpose.
Have you seen the Cecil Beaton Fabric collection? I have a link to it on my blog, check it out.I would like your ottoman, or anything you do covered in these fabrics, of course the price would skyrocket but it would be worth every penny.
I get more tips from your blog than I do from DIY shows, keep up the quality work.

TL said...

Ooooooh! I want that whole set up. WOW! Great colors.

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