Saturday, March 13, 2010


A great headboard is magnificent.

It anchors the room. It gives you something to lean up against when reading in bed or in my case, eating and reading. It can make you feel enveloped in your bed. I'm a fan.

No headboard? Experiment with the area behind your bed. Paint stripes, wallpaper the main wall, hang fabrics, draw/paint a mural, have fun with it. Even a simple, large wall to wall bookcase behind a platform bed instantly adds an element of coziness.

I'm also a fan of doing the unexpected in your bedroom. We spend so much time in this room yet over the many years that I have been invited into people's homes to offer a helping hand or two in the world of decor, I have found that the most neglected room in their home is often the bedroom. Sad really. It's the first room I want to help them tackle. If their bedroom feels good, sexy, organized and a place they want to be in, not only will the rest of their home reap the rewards with their enthusiasm to spread the design love, but their daily life will feel a bit more swell!

Challenge yourself. Look for new and interesting ways to add color, texture, fabric, and pattern. Make the room feel like a sexy getaway and don't be afraid to change it up every once in awhile. Fresh bedding, new lamp shades, an inexpensive folding screen covered in touchable fabric or wallpaper placed behind your bed, so many new adventures can happen all in one room.

OH, and don't forget the ceiling. It's the most neglected part of any room. Be bold and creative. The bedroom is the perfect place to play with the "rules" of what you think makes up good design. BTW, I don't believe in design rules but if you do, that's cool. All I ask is that you rethink them. Lying in bed can instantly be more interesting and attractive....And no, I don't mean mirrors on the ceiling, unless that's your thing. No judgements here.

Yup. I love bedrooms and I want you to love yours!



Anonymous said...

Hmmm & Wow!

Jeanette {A Passion for Home} said...

The first photo in your post speaks to me. I love the simplicity of one small mirror above the bed. I have a tendency to clutter the wall with decor and am learning that sometimes less can mean more.

And my favorite type of headboard is an upholstered one. With nailhead trim, makes it look more attractive by underscoring the perimeter if it's shapely. :-)

Beth said...

Dude, go be on vacation!

Anonymous said...

Angelo talking about bedding and headboards and mirrors and...and...


Nick Klaus said...

This could not come at a better time: I'm re-doing mine now. I've got a striped wall similar to the one above, so lots of inspiration here!

Northshore Interiors said...

Great ideas and photos.

Anonymous said...

Second from the top is almost perfect. I'd only change the rug and I'd add a color similar to the pillow color in the pic that is 9th from the top. Shades of purple and green are my favorite color combination. I love how the bedroom is feminine without being girly.

I feel a tri-fold type headboard in my very near future. Thank you so much for the inspiration!


DesignTies said...

Great bedroom images -- love the one with the brick wall, and all the rooms with purple :-)

It's not my bedroom, but I just painted the walls in the dining room purple and the ceiling dark chocolate brown. How's that for being bold and creative?! :-)


Redesign Diva said...

OMG! I am breaming! so i found a vintgae decorating book this weekend and it had the roof decorated just like the on ein you think that is coming back? there were tons of other things in the book that are coming back now too! I am posting about it. I am so excited!

Thanks for sharing this!!!!

Oh and Happy Happy Birthday!


mrsben said...

Your timing is becoming uncanny MR. Angelo as bedroom decor is also on my 'To Do List'.

Like 'The Little Engine That Could"; "I think I can, I think can complete all my projects before I'm ready for the Retirement Home". :)

These pics are definitely inspirationl as is your advice.
THANK YOU! -Brenda-

Jenna said...

Well, now I couldn't be more inspired. Thank You!

Upholstery Portland said...

I love that sixth one. I have always been a fan of plain and simple but I think that one does a great job of being simple but looking clean and professional.

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