Tuesday, March 9, 2010

the daily tip...

Footage from my trip to the Midwest.

(I know, most of you are sick of it)

Some of my upholstery manufacturing peeps.
(Tom, Ken, Jen, Maggie)

My glamorous hotel travels.

2 announcements.



Anonymous said...

can't wait to see the bedding!
will miss TDT.. but wish you luck in your travels. Have fun at Disney!!

Samantha said...

WHAT?! No TDT till April? What are these networks up to? I hope you guys get picked up for another season. The Falcon must be sweating it out.

Maria said...

I don't understand why there will not be anymore Daily Tip till April. Sadness.

mrsben said...

RE TDT; well talk about my timing. I am laughing! I just emailed you yesterday re tips for choosing lighting fixtures. (Appreciate the links that you have posted. Such eye-candy.)

So good to hear that release of your new line of products is just around the corner. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the Bedding will be available to Canadians.

HAVE FUN AT DISNEY! Say hi to the chief Mouse for me. That's 'Minnie' by the way. (Hah) -Brenda-

angelo said...

Good to hear from you Mrs. Ben (Brenda)!

I received your question and sent an answer. You should be receiving it shortly.

Will definitely say "Hello" to the chief Mouse.

Have a great weekend,

mrsben said...

I will be keeping an eye out for your answer. I neglected to mention that I have a number of spaces to do, so your expertise on the subject is greatly welcomed.

THANK YOU deeply, Angelo.

Steph. said...

TDT! Loves It.

TL said...

TDT just keeps getting better. You have the best job and attitude my friend. You're hilarious and yes, you should have had the meeting in the shower.

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