Tuesday, March 16, 2010


theo caldwell with lesley

OK, so it seems like everyone I know is not only writing a book, but getting published!

How cool is that?!

All my friends are smart. I'm the goof in the group--every group needs one.
Don't judge people.

Well, here's another friend who has published a book called,

He's (THEO CALDWELL) from Canada and his girl (Lesley) is a very good friend of mine who was my partner in crime when she lived in L.A. in marathon snacking. They live in Canada now so I'm one snaking partner short, but believe me--I've made up for it. Good Times.

Also, not only is this a great story, very appropriate for St. Patty's Day! Get your GREEN ON!



Samantha said...

It's nice to have smart friends!
This looks good.

Leah said...

perhaps your furniture is your "book." perhaps....someone needs cool places to SIT while they read all these books. =)

mrsben said...

I think it is time for you 'to hop on the bad-wagon' so to speak (and I don't mean a St. Patty's Day parade float) and write a book as well.

"Top of the evening to YOU" and best success to your friend Theo on his latest book.

mrsben said...

Ooops, sorry about that Angelo. It shud have read "baNd wagon".

(It is very late here.) -Brenda-

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