Thursday, April 29, 2010

the daily tip...

Today on The Show:

Plate Decorating

Gorgeous Fornasetti Plates photographed by Patric Johansson

AND of course The Falcon, Mad Scientist Design Geek,
Set Changes & The GIVE-A-WAY.

Go to angelo:HOME for details on how to enter and win my new bedding collection.



Lisa said...

I now have to check out Gap Jeans. Thank you for that. I've never seen plates on wall as creatively and artistically placed as the images you showed. I'm inspired. Who knew. Love the new "studio arrangement." I want that bookshelf that you have and the mirror and the chair you're sitting in. Let's just make it easy, how about a house trade?

Beth said...

In my life, "decorating with plates" makes me think of people buying those things from The Franklin Mint and hanging one or two, or four in a vertical line. BORING. But DUDE! You've exposed me to a world of decorating with plates I never knew existed!

You are your own Awesome Awesomeness!

Thomie said...

I'm just pretty much in love with you. I thought you should know.

knack said...

thank you so much for including my perfect love plates! I love all of the plate selections you chose!

have a great day!


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