Friday, April 30, 2010

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Small Space Decorating, The Falcon and chatting about our "TV studio"

Below are some pics that illustrate the point of how you can make the most of your home even when it's square footage challenged. Architect Philippe Harden's loft is appox 613sf. The high ceiling definitely helps to give it a more open feel, but the creative use of space and smart storage solutions, along with keeping the place neat, organized and clutter free make for some beautiful results.

Small space living has been part of my life my whole life.

The biggest place I've ever lived in is my current home, 1,200sf on a good day. I have had clients where my whole house could fit into their maser bathroom. It's fun to design all kinds of spaces and for me, it's the thrill of problem solving regardless of square footage. People I have worked with essentially come to me with the similar design/lifestyle issues regardless of their size of home.

I feel really fortunate to live in my house and also to have almost as much outdoor space as indoor. In Southern California, it's true livable square footage almost all year round.

It looks like I may be moving East (NYC) later this year and I am fully aware of what this will mean, aside from the fact that it will be beyond AWESOME AWESOMENESS, I will have to down size my living even further. I'm good with that. I am actually looking forward to it. The idea of minimizing my stuff, finding creative storage solutions and multiple uses for space as well as creating a feeling that I live in a great hotel room, ALL appeal to me.

So, today's friday5 is small space decorating ideas.
I get a ton of e-mails asking for them. No matter how many shows or articles I do, it's still one of my top three frequesntly asked questions, "What do I do in a small space? How do I make it look bigger and how do I fit all my stuff?" I think one of the answers some people are looking for is "You don't have to get rid of anything and your home will still look open and airy and you can magically create tons of extra square footage with building on just by doing this......."

One of the toughest things to master is de-cluttering and organizing. It just has to happen. No way around it. It's always part of the equation in design, even is large rooms, but it is at the forefront of creating your space in small rooms. No magic bullet.

There are definitely great solutions:

And the list goes on and on...

BUT, first and foremost--We have to organize and de-clutter. I have only a few months to get that going before trekking out East. I may be my toughest client yet.

Enjoy the friday5 on small space decorating.



Jeanette {A Passion for Home} said...

How exciting that you will be on the East coast again! Small spacing living means less headaches and less to clean!

I hope you can share more on what you will be doing in NYC when you can.

Good luck! Jeanette :-)

Debi said...

NYC?! Really? When? How? Where? Which Way? SO many questions and SO excited for you. This is good news for sure. Oh, you are going to have stories. Can't wait to hear the details. BTW, loved the small space living ideas and tips. TDT is my fave.

msen said...

Always love a good small-space tip, and a good kick in the butt to hurry up and DECLUTTER. Loved Rate My Space (past tense because I no longer own cable!) and always appreciated your positive outlook that seemed to rub off on the people's whose rooms you redid. So glad I found out you have a blog!

Anonymous said...

LOVE that you're going to be able to follow your heart all the way to New York! That's great news! Weird question time: How's it going to feel to leave your current home where you've renovated it to be 'you' and used it as your 'test lab'?


angelo said...

Thanks All for the support of the new move.
To answer your question Jessie-
Even though I will be moving to NY, I'll still keep my place in LA since I will probably be coming back from time to time for certain work projects.

Sue said...

Great small space living advice and this small loft is so beautifully pit together. I have lived in fairly decent sized to large spaces and have faced just as much of a decorating dilemma as people I knew that had studios. Keep up the good fight to help, inspire and educate the masses! Love TDT. Loyal viewer. Will it continue when you're in my city, NYC?

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Your NY move sounds exciting, Angelo! Really pleased for you. There's some great tips in this post - thanks for sharing. Will

Samantha said...

Love my 500 square feet. Thanks for the tips.

Dee said...

I have a little over 600sf and I LOVE IT!
Excellent tips and congratulations on your move to NYC.
Really enjoy the video. Nice work.

ashlina {the decorista} said...

great ideas. i love your blog.....


mrsben said...

Re the move to NYC, CONGRATS. Good news too that since you'll be also keeping your California digs it means you won't necessarily have to trade your favourite chapeau in for a woolen toque. :)

Sooooo what does Mr. Baxter think about all this? -Brenda-

Oh....great tips BTW.

angelo said...

Thank You Brenda!

Baxter is not too happy about all this moving around, but he's a bit of a grumpster anyway so nothing new there.


mrsben said...

You're welcome Angelo. With such an adorable little face I find it hard to believe he could be a grumpster, but I'll take your word on it. :) Have a great evening. -Brenda-

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