Friday, April 9, 2010

sugar cookies...

photo: sarah shatz

I love cookies.

Almost all kinds of cookies (not partial to the grainy, oat, fruit filled kind) and when I saw that FOOD52 was doing "Your Best Chewy Sugar Cookie" Contest (week 42!)--I was in! Not as a contestant, but an observer, cookie eater, lover of baked good and those that bake them. You get the idea.

There are 2 finalists!

photo: sarah shatz

photo: mrslarkin

THIS is good times people. GOOD TIMES. The only thing that can make a cookie better is a great cup of coffee, a fantastic chair to sit in and an awesome read.

Enjoy the recipes and share your own!


P.S. Can you imagine 42 weeks of cookie recipes?! GENIUS.


Angel Threads - NCG said...

Aww,Angelo...I just love it when big boys enjoy cookies! My 2 grown sons warm my heart when they devour my freshly baked cookies. I'll bake for you, anytime :)

Dee said...

I DO NOT need to know about this. You are awful and I love you.

Smashgirl said...

Every time I come to your blog I get tortured with all of these sweets!!! Sugar cookies remind me of my Grandma...she always had them for us when we came to visit :)

TL said...

You're killing me!

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