Friday, April 16, 2010


A long time a go I used to work for Anthropologie.
My friend Jen (We used to work together and run around the store taunting each other with hand puppets. It's a long story) is now in the UK setting up shop for Anthro EU.

It's a tough job, setting up one of the most beautiful retail chain stores from the States in London. Just an awful, awful job. Poor girl. I feel her pain. It's so dreadful that her work is even making her famous. It's a shame she's so unattractive (pic of her on top photo from RED magazine. See? Hard on the eyes, right?)

Well, it seems like there's another reason to celebrate the genius of the Anthro/Urban Outfitters brand besides my gorgeous and talented friend Jen. They purchased a 100-year old garden center in Pennsylvania and have turned it into a garden concept store! After the loss of Smith & Hawken I was wondering who was going to take on that job. Well, now I know and it's brilliant.

It's called TERRAIN at STYER'S and it not only looks beautiful, it's inspiring.

A great way to start the weekend---do some gardening.



Creative Coquette said...

Ooooo, this is exciting news!!!!! I love Anthropologie and a garden version is just what I need right now!

Thanks for the tip & I'm off to looksie :)

Trina said...

This is FANTASTIC!!!!! I hope they "branch out." Sorry, it was too obvious.

BTW, I looooooove you!!!! Your sense of humor. Your style. Your incredible designs. Love your furniture looks and I think you're so yummy.

rugs said...

Great post.Absolutely love the concept.Sure to be a winner xx

Debi said...

This place looks gorgeous. Of course you worked at Anthropologie. I think your style and talent is incredible. Love your style and personality.

Anonymous said...

picked up a great edition of 'birds & blooms' last week.. and now soooo inspired to do some gardening! now, if only i had a HOME & GARDEN to unleash all this penned up creativity & inspiration!!

CONGRATS to your friend! and yes, she is GORGEOUS!

Leah said...

heavens! it's been awhile since i've been by. seems like you're up to loveliness. i think i am going to start watching your daily tips first thing when i get to work in the morning. it will get my creative juices a flowin to create.

Samantha said...

Looks very cool.

You worked at Anthro? And taunted co-workers with hand puppets?

There's hope for me.

TL said...

She is gorgeous. Do you only have good looking friends? Do they have to be famous as well? Just asking.

Drew said...

Beautiful. Both your friend and this place!

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