Thursday, May 27, 2010

the daily tip...

Today on the SHOW:

Creating outdoor rooms with furniture placement, potted plants,
hanging outdoor fabrics, lighting and accessories.

Get The Look:

Hanging Pot

Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Pillows

Outdoor Daybeds

Porch Swing

Outdoor Fountains

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Shades

Outdoor Dining

Outdoor Drapes

Umbrella and Stand

Wall Hanging




Carly said...

Gorgeous stuff. Great ideas and inspiration!

Samantha said...

Now all I need is a yard.

Dee said...

I need to get a yard as well, or patio, or balcony, or any kind of outdoor space. Great looks and ideas.

mrsben said...

Such beautiful outdoor oases! Being your Northern Neighbour and with such short summers, WE need all the motivation we can get. Thanks for the inspiration
photos. -Brenda-

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