Sunday, May 23, 2010

good things for your home...

Read about them.
They're swell.

AND, they run a magnificent SHOP that's worth a look.



Outside The Lines said...

Wow! Looks crazy awesome!

Thomie said...

Gorgeous. Another reason to visit London. Like I need one.

mrsben said...

Visited the website and found it easy to navigate and pleasantly British! (Thanks Angelo)

Totally off the subject due to my iquisitive mind which also has a tendency to wander :) did you check out the link to the RIBA Drawing video? Its absolutely stupendous!!!

angelo said...

I DID Brenda and LOVED IT! So good.
It was going to be my next post.

SO happy you enjoyed it.

mrsben said...

Great! I'll come back, view it again and leave 'ya' a comment.

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