Friday, May 7, 2010


The idea of going into a hardware store gets me really excited. Seriously. I love it. There is such potential with every trip. I love everything about the place. The way it smells in the lumber section, all the paint chips look like wall art to me, the rows of so many different light bulbs make me want to own more lamps, tools and gadgets I would probably never use but certainly would like to have the room for, I can keep going with this, but why immerse you in my personal "World O' Crazy?" Haven't we all had about enough of that?

I happen to be a fixture at my local big box hardware store. So much so that the employees greet me by name and ask my advice for some of their remodeling projects. It makes me feel like I belong and even though I would miss my hardware store chain if I moved away from it, I miss having a real local place. The kind I grew up with. Then, I saw SCOUT. Man, I could do some damage in there. Hide the Amex.


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Samantha said...

I never knew I could be into hardware stores. Scout looks gorgeous.

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