Tuesday, May 25, 2010

the three classicists...

Do you ever wonder what you could do with a blank sheet of paper? What's possible? There are a lot of writers in my life and it's the one story that unites them--what to write about. How to start. It's probably a lit bit of the same for painters, sculptors or anybody that works with a material that they turn into something completely different.

I was a fine art & architect major and spent many years in drawing/drafting classes staring at large, white, blank pieces of paper.

These amazingly talented guys (Ben Pentreath, George Saumarez Smith and Francis Terry) are inspiring.

If you have a moment watch the video of them in action, HERE.

Good Stuff.



Beth said...


That is seriously cool!

I love art that features architecture, and if it includes an archway? Sold! The four prints hanging over my stairs? All renderings of different archways. Love them.

So I would like that drawing, please. : o )

I'll move into a loft to accommodate it.

Or, I suppose a scaled-down print of it would be OK, too.

Too fabulous.

Thomie said...

Well this is just brilliant. Very talented men and snappy dressers too.

mrsben said...

Wellllll, that's four votes!

Where is everybody? Tweeting?

These young Architects are ultra talented DUDES. :) -Brenda-

TL said...

This is seriously genius! WOW. These guys are my new crush. Still you, of course.

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