Monday, June 28, 2010

and the winner is...

Congratulations on winning the angelo:HOME nesting ottomans
of your choice! It was so cool to speak with you.

Thank you to all who entered and stay tuned for the

Video below of me calling Jennifer along with "The Daily Tip:"
Don't have the drapes of your dreams? Make them!

Even if you can't sew---
take your favorite fabric, a little fabric tape from the local
craft store, a good old fashioned iron and you're good to go!

You can create a number of unique looks with very little effort
and save some cash if you look for fabric deals.

Also, a great set of bedding can make for some
swell looking drapery. Already finished on all sides.
Your work is done! NO sewing OR ironing.



mrsben said...

Woo hoo, congratulations to Jennifer THE CANADIAN! (Didn't realize your contest was international.) Super prize Angelo. -Brenda-

P.S: Re the "fabric tape", in sewing it is often referred to as "fusible webbing and/or iron-on bonding and sometimes even stitch-witchery".

Beth said...

I'm all about the "non-curtain" curtains. I have tablecloths hanging on my dining-room window. I had bought one to cover a not-so-attractive table, and one day, as I was trying to figure out what I wanted to put on the windows, I said to my mom, "I mean, I want something like this," gesturing to the table.

And we looked at each other and I pulled the tablecloth off the table and held it up to the window. It was just a bit too long, based on where I wanted to put the rod, and mom very cleverly suggested I just fold the excess fabric back on itself twice, effectively creating a self-valance.

Bought a rod and café clips, tracked down three more tablecloths, and voila! A window treatment for a large window for less than $200, including the hardware.

jack said...

WOW !!

Designer Outdoor Furniture

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