Wednesday, June 2, 2010

the daily tip...

Today on the SHOW:

All about wall sconces and how they can be a great way
to clear off those side tables.

Also, the PREMIERE of our new segment,
"Are You Kidding Me with This?"
Today's Topic: "Dancing with the Stars."

Wall Sconces from LAMPS PLUS $99.99

Flat Stock Lighting Collection from WEST ELM $59-$129

Prouve Potence Lamp from HIVE $1,560

Bestlite series by Robert Best available at UNICA HOME $349-$1.299

George Nelson's Wall Sconces from MODERNICA $374-$445



mrsben said...

Super tip Angelo! THANK YOU.

Now regarding your hand visuals .... don't fret. Body language is natural and is fundamental in communicating with others. Using your hands not only illustrates your enthusiasm, but it assists in conveying your message to the listener by actually saying more in less time. Did you know that?


P.S: Oh shud mention, the above excludes unacceptable hand gestures ..... 'flipping the bird' at someone if they have cut you off while on the Freeway. :)

Dee said...

OMG! I am SO with you on the whole DWTS thing! STOP with the professional dancers/performers and athletes, it TOTALLY STACKS the deck. Not fair!

Thomie said...

Gorgeous lighting and great idea. Are you going to be designing lighting in the future or now?

Anonymous said...

Soooo if DWTS cane a-knockin', would that be a 'yes,' Mr. Surmelis (time permitting, of course)? :))

Hope you're in the midst of a great weekend!


angelo said...

Well Jessie-
I guess we'll cross that bridge if we ever come to it.
Somehow, I think I'm safe.

Hope your weekend is swell as well.

Anonymous said...

A Facebook campaign could be started... just look at what it did for Miss Betty White! :)


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